Ricochet Could Make Another Appearance on WWE Television

Ricochet Could Make Another Appearance on WWE Television
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The possibility of professional wrestler Ricochet reappearing on WWE appears to be in the mask following the narrative of his recent mishap during Monday Night RAW. However, reports from Pwinsider suggest that no changes have been made in Ricochet’s WWE status thus far. Allegedly, plans are being drafted for what could be his final appearance on WWE, fueled by rumors about his future departure after the end of his current contract.

The creative minds behind WWE are reportedly contemplating the concept, with the intention of capitalizing on the spotlight Ricochet has attracted because of his contract’s status updates and likely exit. Although ambiguity surrounds what Ricochet’s final WWE engagement will entail, the erstwhile Speed Champion concurs that there is still potential for his character to evolve further prior to his exit.

Despite the ongoing discussions, there’s no definitive sign yet as to whether the upper echelons of WWE management are contemplating the proposed idea from the creative team. In a separate development, Fightful’s reports assert that Ricochet’s WWE contract hasn’t ended, suggesting the possibility for him to be seen again on television.

Adding to the rumor mill, conjectures suggest that Ricochet is likely to switch sides and join AEW following the termination of his WWE contract.