Ricky Starks Shares Insights on Overcoming Challenges with a ‘Be Like Water’ Approach

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On a recent edition of the “Black Rasslin’” podcast, AEW wrestler Ricky Starks discussed his mindset for approaching the unexpected challenges that arise in his career, how he adapts to the situation, and more.

Starks said, “Be like water. You have to be like water. I think each experience that I’ve gone through is a great lesson that needed to be learned for me in the process. I’ll tell you this, out anybody in my position, they probably would have failed two years ago. They probably wouldn’t have made it as far. I’m still here. This is my third year. Seems like we go through it every year in the same type of season for me. I’m still making it happen. That’s one thing that I’m really proud of. Despite everything that I feel and everything, go up just to come down type of thing, I still made it through.


He continued, “I still have managed to stick it through and have people still believe in me and still have people say, ‘No matter what, he still is trying.’ That’s all you can ask for at the end of the day is to give it your best effort. To give anything your best effort is to live in the best version of yourself truly, and to do anything less, you ain’t doing no favors for anybody.”

Starks currently holds the AEW World Tag Team Championships with Big Bill.

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In a recent episode of the “Black Rasslin'” podcast, AEW wrestler Ricky Starks shared his mindset and approach to dealing with unexpected challenges in his career. Starks emphasized the importance of being adaptable and compared it to being like water.
Starks stated, “Be like water. You have to be like water. I think each experience that I’ve gone through is a great lesson that needed to be learned for me in the process.” He acknowledged that his journey has been filled with ups and downs, but he takes pride in the fact that he has managed to overcome obstacles and continue to progress in his career.
The wrestler highlighted the fact that many others in his position might have given up or failed, but he has persevered. Starks expressed gratitude for the people who still believe in him and recognize his efforts. He believes that giving your best effort is crucial in living as the best version of yourself.
Currently, Ricky Starks holds the AEW World Tag Team Championships with Big Bill, showcasing his talent and success in the wrestling industry. He continues to work hard and push forward despite the challenges he faces.
For fans who want to hear more from Ricky Starks, he recently appeared on the “Black Rasslin'” podcast, where he discussed various topics including the Summer of Collision, Bryan Danielson, and more. The podcast episode can be found on YouTube.
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Ricky Starks’ mindset of being adaptable and resilient serves as an inspiration for aspiring wrestlers and individuals facing challenges in any field. By embracing unexpected situations and giving their best effort, they can overcome obstacles and achieve success.