Ricky Starks on CM Punk: ‘Criticizing someone for having different thoughts than you is not justifiable’.

Ricky Starks on CM Punk: ‘Criticizing someone for having different thoughts than you is not justifiable’.
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Ricky Starks had a recent conversation with WhatCulture where he discussed his experiences of working with CM Punk in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The budding wrestler holds no qualms with Punk and actually appreciates their shared time in the ring.

Starks was appreciative of the moments spent with Punk, as well as others at AEW. He stated, “My experience with Punk, among others at AEW, was truly amazing. Ignore not the Bucks, who are also two chaps I have engaged with and sought counsel from. They equipped me with useful insight and considerable expertise. It’s not just the old-timers, it’s also those persons who are more battle-hardened than me. I hold utmost respect for those guys, they’ve been utterly indispensable.”

He also elaborated on Punk’s significant input in enhancing his performance. There’s a recurrently shared video showing spectacle of pyrotechnics blasting, conceived by Punk. Starks remembers Punk saying, “Ultimately, it’s all in your hands. It’s a case of sink or swim.” It made him deeply want to surpass the performance of his previous match, proving his worth in response to Punk’s regard for him.

Starks also talked about his relationship with Punk, adding, “Punk was influential in offering his perspectives for tweaking my approach. He comes closest in understanding my personality and what I can bring to the show. Every time he would spot my outfit, his response was – ‘This is immaculate.’ As for any objections against Punk, I don’t pay heed to those. No one should demonize another for harboring diverging thoughts. I maintain this stance vehemently. He made a considerable effort to craft something special for me on the Collision show. Even today, I stand by my opinion that Punk is a decent bloke who was willing to guide us during the show, and for that, I am always grateful.”