Ricky Starks In Action Tonight On AEW Dark, Former WCW Star Challenges Cody

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Ricky Starks In Action Tonight On AEW Dark, Former WCW Star Challenges Cody

RIcky Starks NWA

Photo Credit: Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks In Action Tonight On AEW Dark

If you’re seeking more Ricky Starks in All Elite Wrestling, be sure to fire up YouTube tonight. In addition to Lance Archer taking on Pineapple Pete in what has been a war of words between the two on social media, The Absolute will continue to show his star power on tonight’s episode of AEW Dark. Starks shared that he will be in action on the program tonight.

DON'T forget about tonight's #AEWDark on https://t.co/uJDWMoUhAi

Stroke Daddy is in action 🕺 https://t.co/1Z68dP6myo

— Ricky Starks (@starkmanjones) June 30, 2020

Starks sure left an impression with fans after the former NWA Television Champion made his AEW debut challenging Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship in what ended up being a hard-hitting bout. The Stroke Daddy left such an impression that reports were stemming from The Wrestling Observer that not only did AEW have plans to sign him, but a program was already in place for him. Check out our exclusive interview we had with Starks back in May as he talked his goals and intentions as he stayed active during his free agency period.

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Former WCW Star Challenges Cody

Starks’ Dynamite debut may be a tough one to top, but you can bet stars have been coming out of the woodwork to open up the door for their own title opportunity at the TNT Title. One one those happens to be Crowbar of WCW fame. The veteran star released a video stating his intentions which you can watch below.

While many request, most bring NOTHING to the table to offer in return @CodyRhodes I’ll verbally articulate my offer rather than lazily make a texted post. I’m easy to find, we have a mutual friend- @RealDDP#aew #aewwrestling #StaWars#UNDESIRABLE #TIMELESS pic.twitter.com/FVZ7yz0ar2

— Crowbar (@wcwcrowbar) June 30, 2020