Rick Steiner shoots on Stone Frosty Steve Austin | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Rick Steiner shoots on Stone Frosty Steve Austin | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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That is one more glamorous merchandise!! we left steve austin became i deem within the corporate presently yeah were you taken aback that uh it's winning or did you comprehend it became gonna happen no um you perceive steve steve uh we went to the buckmaster a pair instances he's he likes to hunt um .

I frolicked with him a little bit bit you perceive we weren't you perceive in actuality correct shut chums i imply we're chums and and stuff um this yeah man it's correct belief to be such a issues that uh you never know what vince goes to attain you perceive heavenly yeah the fellows that are there you focus on are are no correct in wcw ends up making making .

Them massive time stars bigger than what the fellows are in wcw you perceive um you perceive vince is unfamiliar after which guys that are over you perceive care for lex and guys that you simply perceive possess completed one thing in wcw after which budge up there made a reputation for themselves i'm going to procure heavenly down .

To wcw and budge up to bed he superior of correct mediocre you perceive doesn't attain anything with him you perceive so i imply you perceive i do know for a whereas there's his occupation became became on the rocks and this became spicy about taking away him and luminous what to attain with him and he started doing the commentating there i .

Judge that's what form of and to boot they started badmouthing vince after which this form of cherished it and yeah they went off from there so i imply he's there you perceive i deem he had skill i deem he he became correct for the industry i you perceive i deem you perceive correct as correct as we were it's .

Unbiased a location the heavenly time i assume
Meet this estimable wrestler and grappler.

Rick Steiner shoots on Stone Frosty Steve Austin | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Rick Steiner shoots on Stone Cold Steve Austin | Wrestling Shoot Interview