Rick Martel shoots on Eric Bischoff | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Rick Martel shoots on Eric Bischoff | Wrestling Shoot Interview
In this Wrestling Shoots video Rick Martel discusses how he likes Eric Bischoff.

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Wrestling Shoot Interview
Rick Martel shoots on Eric Bischoff
Rick Martel
Eric Bischoff
Shoots on Eric Bischoff
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Here’s one clean wrestling match. uh eric uh in truth again i moral considered eric a few month in the past and i went shook arms with him and and informed him thanks because uh eric uh i i undoubtedly most accepted the truth .

Attributable to after vince did this to me the switch of plans and all that then i went to eric and eric i negate eric uh when he first started with the awa uh become as soon as in opposition to the end of my uh as a world champion .

And in opposition to the end i historical to are available in in only a shot here and there so i didn't i didn't internet to know him grand then but i negate he he historical to peep me loads as a champion and uh so maybe that's the put the appreciate from him came from so when i went to meet him in the first assembly man he become as soon as admire oh .

There's nothing he i couldn't ask for and receive you're so nice to me and and then whenever i at work if at a simply match something you'd are available in in individually and shake my hand rick wow man what a simply match and it become as soon as undoubtedly nice to me and and uh nice person and i i will glance i do know a form of guys uh you had some .

You appreciate uh sir so many guys didn't admire his perspective or whatever but with me nothing to assert against
I admire grappler, because they’re the sharp!!

Rick Martel shoots on Eric Bischoff | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Rick Martel shoots on Eric Bischoff | Wrestling Shoot Interview