Richard Holliday Helping Pediatric Cancer Families, Alex Colon Addresses GCW Departure

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Richard Holliday has released a new t-shirt for a charitable cause, with proceeds going to benefit families affected by pediatric cancer.

Holliday recently took to Twitter to announce that he has released the shirt in partnership with Pro Wrestling Tees and the proceeds will support Circle of Care, which helps families affected by childhood cancer.


Holliday recently underwent treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which he completed in February.

You can purchase the t-shirt here through May 31st.

Taking to Twitter, Alex Colon revealed that he left GCW due to payment issues, noting that Brett Lauderdale said that he was paid $1 more than John Wayne Murdoch and that he considered it a “slap in the face” to both of them.

Colon’s statements elicited a response from Lauderdale, and you can check out the whole verbal back-and-forth below:

Colon tweeted, “I was told @Lauderdale11 said I was paid a dollar more than @TheDukeJWM ? Man what a way to slap 2 dudes in the face smh ur pettiness doesn’t make u bulletproof dude. Stay in ur lane. I am not the one, I promise u man.”

Lauderdale then posted a series of tweets in which he addressed the situation, writing,

“Well Alex, im sorry you felt it was petty, but not only did I give you the biggest payday of your career that day, but 3x over. The extra $1 was meant to symbolize that even though I agreed to pay you guys the same, I wanted to give you more (even if $1) to show you respect.

You seem to have pent up frustration but forget how well I actually treated you. Always nice hotels, flights whenever requested (even last minute), and took you around the world 3x over. When a large section of fans were “tired of Alex” I said oh well, and continued to make you the face of GCW Deathmatch division.

You were a 4x tournament winner, won multiple titles, and on pace for more. You were always treated respect.

You also never *once* asked for a raise or complained about treatment.

Youre dream in wrestling was to go to Japan for an extended tour. When nobody made the offer, I made it happen for you and I fronted the money to get you there.

I did everything and anything I could to help you succeed.

It should also be noted that you were scheduled to return on 5/26 in Vegas, and 6/4 at COS to do a really cool program that you were looking forward to. Unfortunately it fell thru (not my fault), and we agreed to push it back… then a few days later you told a mutual friend that you really wanted to do a different show (for a guy that offered you less than I paid you on the “$1 day”) but were worried how Brett would react…. i never stopped you from wrestling anywhere. You wrestled there before…

Then you suddenly acted like you “quit” & let the world know what a piece of sh*t you suddenly thought I was. Not a word to me, no conversation. No nothing. Silly. Youre an indie wrestler. Do what you want but remember the opportunities i gave you when nobody else would.

I could go on but its pointless. If you ever wanna talk, feel free. Its the same phone # i had when i met you 15+ years ago. Good luck to you. Hope you achieve all your wrestling dreams now that youve got me and GCW out of your way from holding you down.

And now @alexcolon0139, you start calling people close to me saying you “werent trying to start drama” & you “never mentioned my name”… lol ok. You know what you did & why…. to make yourself feel better about turning your back on the only person that believed in you….

$ comes and goes but respect doesn’t. We’re both family men & I thought we had a mutual understanding & respect but i was wrong. Hope you get paid well in your next match and the one after if it keeps going but when the $ is gone, what will you have left?”

Colon has since replied with the following,

“Yea cause ur the only guy working in gcw right? U wrestle those matches too? Na….but continue.

Lol!!!!!!!!! U sound so angry. Expecting fans or money marks to set up all ur hotel sh*t is a lazy move and if u were setting up one wouldn’t it be set ahead of time knowing ppl needed rooms to clean up or sleep. Don’t justify all that neglecting behavior. Own up to it.”

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