Rich Swann Vows To Overcome Adversity At IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion, Names Darby Allin As Dream Opponent

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Rich Swann Vows To Overcome Adversity At IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion, Names Darby Allin As Dream Opponent

Image Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Just a few hours before IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion, fans are already buzzing about the historic main event match between Rich Swann and Kenny Omega.

Despite this excitement, the narrative surrounding the match is that it’ll be a great match, but the outcome is a foregone conclusion; it seems obvious that Omega will win and take Swann’s IMPACT World Championship.

But in an interview with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Swann explained that he has always been the underdog, and he thrives in this role. He vowed to prove his doubters wrong yet again on Sunday night, the same way he has throughout his career.

“You know, that’s funny because it’s always been, my whole career, I’ve always been the underdog,” said Swann. “I’ve been always been the man that people have said, ‘Oh he’s not going to get to this level. Oh, he is only this certain style of person, this certain style of athlete. He can only be pigeon-holed into being this certain style of wrestler.’ And I’ve always gone out and I’ve proved the detractors wrong. I went out and said ‘Hey, you don’t think I can do it? Well guess what? I can.’

“I proved it when I became the IMPACT World Champion against Eric Young after fighting retirement. I beat Moose after everybody doubted me on the size difference, a modern-day David versus Goliath, and I came out the IMPACT Unified World Champion, adding the TNA World Championship to my collection. I will say right now, if the doubters strongly doubt me, they will see something that they are very used to, and that’s Rich Swann overcoming adversity and holding up the AEW World Championship.”

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In the event that Swann leaves Rebellion with the AEW World Championship around his waist, he already has his sights set on his first AEW opponent. Swann named Darby Allin as the one man he wants to face, more than anyone else, because he believes that their similar passion for the business could produce an electric match.

“There’s so many talents in AEW that I would just love to get my hands on,” said Swann. “But the first person that I would definitely challenge, and that I would think would be such an amazing match, just because of the styles, the clash of styles, would have to be none other than Darby Allin, somebody who I think is a daredevil, a go-getter and has nothing but heart and determination, just like myself.

“We may not have the same wrestling styles, but we have the same heart, I can see that. We have the same dedication, and to display that for the fans, I think it’d be awesome.”

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