Ric Flair Explores the Possibility of Physical Involvement in AEW

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Earlier this month, Ric Flair signed a two-year deal with AEW. The WWE Hall of Famer confirmed that he went to WWE before joining AEW and talked to them about making his “Wooooo! Energy Drink” an official sponsor. 

While speaking with WrestleZone.com, Flair commented on potentially getting physical in AEW.


“I don’t expect to wrestle. Could I? Yes, because I’ll learn from my mistakes. You always learn from past mistakes. But I don’t think that’ll ever happen, but I certainly want to be able to feed a guy if I’ve helped get heat on them because it’s only fair to the babyface, or the good guy rather, that he gets a shot at the guy. That’s how they prevail. They beat the villain and then they have to smack someone around that’s been associated with them. I am cleared for that. And even if I wasn’t, I’m feeding. That’s the way it works.”

“I think I’m a guy that’s lucky enough to be along for the ride, and what happens, happens. As Pedro Morales said years ago, ‘I am ready for any kind of action.’ And by the way, I’ll have a blade on my finger, brother. So you can pass that along. I don’t go to work without a blade. [laughs] I’ll take an aspirin so I really bleed.”

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Ric Flair, the legendary professional wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer, recently made headlines by signing a two-year deal with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Flair’s move to AEW came after he approached WWE about making his “Wooooo! Energy Drink” an official sponsor, indicating that he had discussions with both promotions before making his decision.

In a recent interview with WrestleZone.com, Flair discussed the possibility of getting physical in AEW. While he doesn’t expect to wrestle, he acknowledged that it could happen, as he believes in learning from past mistakes. Flair expressed his willingness to “feed” his opponent if he has helped generate heat on them. He emphasized the importance of the babyface or the good guy getting a shot at the villain and prevailing in the storyline. Flair also mentioned that he is cleared for physicality and even joked about carrying a blade on his finger for added drama, stating that he always bleeds during matches.

Flair’s comments reflect his passion for the wrestling industry and his willingness to contribute in any way possible. Despite not expecting to wrestle, he remains open to whatever opportunities come his way in AEW. Flair’s experience and knowledge of the business make him a valuable asset to the promotion, both in and out of the ring.

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Flair’s move to AEW has generated excitement among wrestling enthusiasts, and his presence in the promotion is expected to bring a new level of energy and excitement to their shows. Whether he ends up wrestling or not, Flair’s involvement in AEW is sure to make an impact and create memorable moments for fans to enjoy.