Ric Flair Calls His Charisma A Gift From God – Talks “Wheelin’ Dealin'” Catchphrase

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Ric Flair has called his legendary charisma that made him one of wrestling’s top stars of all time a gift from above.

Speaking to “FOX News,” Flair was asked about his charisma and potential influences, before stating that he was born a charismatic person. He said,


“It’s a gift god gave me … I swear. People, to this day, walk up to me and ask me, ‘Who wrote down all that stuff?’ I say, ‘Nobody, man.’ Right after a night out in Buckhead, and two cups of coffee [laughs]. Buckhead was fun in those old days [laughs].”

One of Flair’s legendary catchphrases sees Ric describe himself as a “Rolex-wearing, diamond ring-wearing, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, limousine riding, jet flying, son of a gun,” a line that Flair said came to him after a wild night. He added,

“Everybody hates the bad guy. Everybody hates the truth. To this day, the line about the ‘Rolex-wearing’ … if I am at an event, or a signing, I hear that same line. ‘Say it one time for me.’ People ask me to say that line and turn on their recorders. I laugh because it [the promo] is something I thought of one morning at 9 o’clock after about four cups of coffee … no sleep and being out in Buckhead all night.”

Flair competed in his ‘final’ match in July of last year but has teased coming out of retirement for another last match.

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