Rhea Ripley Wins Handicap Match, Doesn’t Join The Robert Stone Brand

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Rhea Ripley Wins Handicap Match, Doesn’t Join The Robert Stone Brand

Rhea Ripley

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Rhea Ripley has been very adamant that she won’t join the Robert Stone Brand, and after a big victory against both Stone and Aliyah tonight, she won’t have to worry about doing that anytime soon.

After William Regal set up the match last week, Ripley displayed just why she’s one of the best superstars competing in NXT, taking down both Aliyah and Robert Stone in a handicap match. With Stone not looking very much like a polished wrestler, Ripley was able to dominate the match, ending things by submitting both superstars in a Prism Trap.

Can @RobertStoneWWE & @WWE_Aliyah add a brand NEW client to the #RobertStoneBrand tonight? #WWENXT #NXTGAB @RheaRipley_WWE pic.twitter.com/b205gYB4r7

— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2020

For a recap of how the match ended, check out below:

Ripley picks Stone up by his neck. Aliyah chop blocks Ripley. Stone and Aliyah double team Ripley. After the break, Stone has Ripley in a Boston Crab with Aliyah has Ripley in a crossface. Aliyah and Stone argue over who will pin Ripley. Stone and Aliyah set up a double suplex. Ripley counters and suplexes Aliyah and Stone at the same time. Ripley fires up on both Stone and Aliyah. Ripley slams Aliyah into Stone’s nuts. Stone tries to roll up Ripley. Ripley glances down at Stone as he struggles. Ripley headbutts Stone. Ripley puts both Stone and Aliyah in the Prism Trap. Stone taps out.

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