Rhea Ripley Turned Down Movie Role Due To Her WWE Schedule

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Rhea Ripley is open to an acting career once her days in the ring come to an end.

Speaking on the “Cheap Heat” podcast, the reigning WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion commented on the time she was forced to turn down an offer to star in a movie due to her WWE schedule and whether she’d be interested in acting in the future.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On possible acting or movie aspirations: “I mean, it could be. Quite possibly. I feel like if I were to do a movie, it would have to be like an action or a horror. I don’t think I could really do anything else, but I’ve definitely thought about it.”

On turning down an offer to star in a movie: “I legit would never be home and I’d never get to see my dogs [if I accepted the role], so just I couldn’t do it.”

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