Rhea Ripley Makes a Comeback During WWE’s Monday Night Raw Broadcast

Rhea Ripley Makes a Comeback During WWE’s Monday Night Raw Broadcast
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The event of the July 8, 2024 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw culminated with Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan overpowering Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega. But, the victorious moment was not the pinnacle of the entire sequence.

Once Dominik and Liv scored the win, they shared a friendly hug and were at the brink of an intimate kiss when Rhea Ripley stormed into the ring with her theme music setting the backdrop.

Out of fright, Liv Morgan, the reigning Women’s world champion, scurried away from Ripley, the competitor she had defeated to secure her title. Subsequently, Ripley climbed the ring and seemed to be admonishing Dominik just as the show was reaching towards its end.

“GRASPING REVENGE… 😈#WWERaw pic.twitter.com/RYciCsrkS3 – WWE (@WWE) July 9, 2024”

Ripley is undoubtedly yearning for her pound of flesh for multiple reasons. One of them is the backstage assault Morgan executed on her, which led to her injury and subsequent relinquishing of the championship title. Given Morgan’s recent encroachment into her Latino Heat, their animosity has only been escalating.

“An unexpected twist… pic.twitter.com/5NsDsYN2Tv – WWE (@WWE) July 9, 2024”

Is the Custody of Dominik match set to return at SummerSlam, or will the feud between Morgan and Ripley revolve solely around the title? Whom are you barracking for? Feel free to voice your thoughts in the comments section below!