Rhea Ripley Becomes New NXT Women’s Champion

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Rhea Ripley Becomes New NXT Women’s Champion

Rhea Ripley

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Rhea Ripley slew a ton of demons during tonight’s NXT, where she took down Shayna Baszler to become the newest NXT Women’s Champion. Ripley fought through an early hand injury and managed to not succumb to any of Baszler’s patented submissions to earn the victory, and it was well worth it. After landing an Avalance Riptide for the win, Ripley was joined in the ring by a collection of superstars and fans, where she finally got a chance to hold up the belt in front of the NXT universe.

👹 She stands tall above the rest. 👹#WWENXT #NXTWomensTitle #AndNew @RheaRipley_WWE pic.twitter.com/afnm69A0C0

— WWE NXT (@WWENXT) December 19, 2019

For a recap of how the match ended, check out below, and make sure to follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s NXT:

During the break, Duke and Shafir are ejected from ringside after getting caught getting involved in the match. Baszler kicks Ripley in the face over and over again. Ripley fires up. Ripley dropkicks Baszler into the referee. The referee goes down. Ripley hits the Riptide. There is no referee to make the count. Baszler rolls out of the ring. Ripley misses a senton off the apron. Baszler puts Ripley in the Kirifiuda Clutch. Ripley drives Baszler into the barricade to break the hold. Baszler DDTs Ripley on a chair. Ripley kicks out. Baszler tries to put Ripley in the Kirifuda Clutch again but Ripley rolls out of it. Ripley tries to put Baszler in the Prism. Baszler counters that into the Kirifuda Clutch. Ripley is in the hold for a very, very, long time. Ripley struggles to try to get to the ropes or her feet. The referee checks Ripley’s arm. Before the referee can call the match, Ripley grabs the referee’s shirt. Ripley struggles to her feet and puts Baszler in the Prism. Baszler escapes. Baszler lands a running knee in the corner. Baszler puts Ripley on the top rope. Ripley manages to hit an avalanche Riptide for the win!

Not today, ladies, not today. #WWENXT #NXTWomensTitle @RheaRipley_WWE @jessamynduke @MarinaShafir pic.twitter.com/CdoRDbUgzu

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) December 19, 2019

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