Rey Mysterio Vows To End His Feud With Seth Rollins, Shotzi Blackheart Wants To Wrestle Hardcore Matches In NXT

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Rey Mysterio Vows To End His Feud With Seth Rollins, Shotzi Blackheart Wants To Wrestle Hardcore Matches In NXT

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Rey Mysterio Hopes To Chase Gold With Dominik

Rey Mysterio appeared on WWE’s The Bump this week. He appeared on his ongoing feud with Seth Rollins, and he hinted that he wants to chase the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship with his son, Dominik Mysterio. Here are some highlights:

On how his feud with Rollins affects the family at home:

Mysterio: “Believe it or not, we come back home, and this topic that’s going on right now, that doesn’t just stay at the Amway Center every week. It comes back home with us, and we discuss this, and we try to figure it out, what the best solution is, and I think the only solution for all this is to finally put an end to it, you know, with Seth first and foremost, and then move on to Murphy and try to understand what his deal his with the family, and most importantly, my daughter.

On the tension in his relationship with Aalyah:

Mysterio: We’ve always had a great relationship. We communicate a lot but for some reason, this has in a way separated us a little bit. You know, but things are still on the edge. They haven’t been completely clear. I don’t understand why she’s not opening up to me and putting everything clear and on the table.”

On his feud with Rollins continuing on WWE Friday Night SmackDown:

Mysterio: “If we both would have ended up on different brands, I would have figured out the way on how to put an end to this. Fortunately enough for me, we’re both on SmackDown, so this was something that he started. And I have to make sure and be very clear about this, this is something that I will end, not him.”

On chasing the tag team championship with Dominik:

Mysterio: “There’s a lot of challenges out there for Dom and for me on SmackDown, and we’ve talked about gold, you know, something that is really in the back of our minds. And what better time for us to obtain some gold as tag teams, you know? I think that would be a dream that I did not have contemplated during this time. You know, we always talked about being able to share the ring together, but when you talk about gold, it literally could be right around the corner.”

Shotzi Blackheart Wants To Wrestle Hardcore Matches In NXT

Shotzi Blackheart also appeared on this week’s episode of WWE’s The Bump. On the show, she discussed her goals as she continuses to shine on NXT. She also previewed WWE NXT Halloween Havoc. Here are some highlights:

On her goals in NXT and beyond:

Blackheart: “You know, I just want to have a lot of fun and just have chaotic matches, like I’m just waiting for my first stipulation match. Where’s the tables, the ladders, the chairs, the weapons? I’m waiting for that because I haven’t gotten to do that on NXT yet, get in there with some hardcore stuff. So that’s the goal, that’s the goal for year two.”

On paying close attention to the NXT Women’s Championship Match at WWE NXT Halloween Havoc:

Blackheart: “I’m especially excited [for the NXT Women’s Championship match,] especially since Candice [LeRae] is a little sneaky. But you know what? This is my show, so I’m not letting any nonsense happen.”

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