Rey Mysterio To Face Seth Rollins In An Eye For An Eye Match At Extreme Rules

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Rey Mysterio To Face Seth Rollins In An Eye For An Eye Match At Extreme Rules

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

This week on WWE RAW, Rey Mysterio returned to the red brand, and he was scheduled to team up with Aleister Black. But early in the show, Murphy and Rollins were standing over a fallen Black, who was wearing a Mysterio mask; they had clearly beaten him up.

WHAT has happened to @WWEAleister?!#WWERaw @WWERollins @WWE_Murphy

— WWE (@WWE) July 7, 2020

Then, Kevin Owens returned and hosted The Kevin Owens Show. His guest was his WWE WrestleMania 36 opponent, Rollins. Owens pointed out that Rollins has been on a cold streak in recent months. He said their match at WWE WrestleMania forged a bond between them, and he wanted to give Rollins a present to commemorate their WrestleMania moment. He gave Rollins a KO-Mania shirt, just like the one he was wearing when he beat Rollins. The Monday Night Messiah had harsh words for Owens. “I don’t give a damn about you,” said Rollins. He said he just wanted a platform so he could talk to Mysterio. Rollins challenged Mysterio to a match at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules. He said he wanted to permanently sacrifice Mysterio. Rollins pointed out that Owens has been on the shelf while he has risen to prominence. “I think you need me more than you think you do,” said Rollins.

Did @WWERollins just turn the tables on the #KOShow…?#WWERaw

— WWE (@WWE) July 7, 2020

The Monday Night Messiah suggested that Owens should fight with a purpose. “You should fight for the greater good,” said Rollins. Before Owens could answer, Mysterio came to the ring and accepted Rollins’ challenge. Rollins pointed out that Aleister Black was unable to compete tonight, so he needed a parner. Rollins suggested that Dominik could step in. Owens spoke up, saying he’d never fight by Rollins’ side. He offered to team up with Mysterio, and the winning team could pick the stipulation for Extreme Rules. The two teams started brawling before the match began.

The referee restored order, and Mysterio took control with his high-flying offense. Owens tagged in and floored Murphy with a clothesline. Rollins tagged in, but Owens still controlled the match. Rollins distracted Mysterio, which let Murphy gain the upper hand. Rollins confronted Dominik and dared him to do something. He raked Dominik in the eye and took control of the match. Rollins grounded Owens and targeted his ankle. Owens rallied and superkicked Rollins. Mysterio tagged in and set Murphy up for the 619. Rollins grabbed Dominik and threatened to hurt him. But Black came to the stage and distracted him. Dominik raked Murphy’s eyes and hit him with the 619 and a Frog Splash for the win.

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— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) July 7, 2020

Mysterio then revealed his stipulation for the match at Extreme Rules: an Eye for an Eye match. He vowed to rip Rollins’ eye match.

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