Rey Mysterio Talks Fans Returning, His Son Dominik Working With John Cena, More

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Rey Mysterio Talks Fans Returning, His Son Dominik Working With John Cena, More

Rey Mysterio

Photo by Andy Hayt/SanDiego Padres/Getty Images

WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio recently signed a new deal with the company that ties him down for a few more years and gives him the opportunity to work alongside his son Dominik.

Recently speaking with DAZN, Rey Mysterio talked about a variety of topics. Check out the highlights below:

On having fans back instead of being in the Thunderdome:

It makes all the difference. We are our athletes. I feed off my fans. That’s my energy. That’s my adrenaline. Now my son has been able to witness it firsthand. It’s a completely different feeling when you’re wrestling in front of fans. He had his first match during the pandemic. He’s a pandemic boy. He had no idea what it was like to wrestle around fans. Seeing him walk out on our first SmackDown in Houston in front of fans, it was incredible. To see his expression and see his energy and nerves, all of those emotions were unbelievable. For me, I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen.

On Dominik’s progression over the past year:

On a scale of one to 10, he’s about an eight in my eyes. Of course, I’m the father, so I see him do well every night. I am very picky with him because that’s just how I am, even with my craft. But I also have to understand and tell myself, ‘Well, he’s only been doing this for less than a year, so chill, relax. He’s doing good.’ I think me being hard on him as much as I can is only going to make him better and possibly hate me as well. I just want him to do good. I just him to be ready, and I know he is ready now. He’s been learning week by week. He’s got incredible coaches next to him on a week-to-week basis. Last weekend, we wrestled with John Cena versus Roman and The Usos. To hear Cena coaching him in the corner, and he just stayed quiet. What he learned from Cena is completely different than what he’s going to learn from me. So I asked Cena to coach my son as much as he can. He’s all yours. Dominik learned a lot this past weekend, and it’s only gonna get better.

On losing the titles to The Usos after Jimmy’s DUI:

I’ve never been a political person in this industry, and you can ask anyone. They’ll probably tell you the same. I did not mind one bit. I’m very thankful that we have the opportunity to work with The Usos, and I’m very thankful that my son is learning from them because he is learning. They’ve been around for eight years, maybe more. I remember when The Usos were kids, and they would hang out with Umaga because I was really close friends with Umaga and Rikishi. They’ve been around for a minute, and my son as well. So to be able to see their growth, how great they’re doing, and at the end of the day, we all make mistakes. But at the end of the day, I’m always prepared to return whatever I want, meaning titles, you know, whether it’s a week, a day after. I became world champion, and I lost the title the same night against John Cena. So there’s no hard feelings whatsoever from my end when I have to turn in the titles.

On him and his son working with John Cena during his short stint back with the company:

It’s crazy. I have nothing but respect for John, and the same goes with The Rock. The Rock took off for Hollywood and came back on certain occasions, but he just became a humongous Hollywood star, and that’s consuming most of the time. With John, he just happened to have a break right now, and he’s back. Now he’s not only doing TVs, but he’s wanting to do house shows as well. So that just tells me the type of character he has, the type of person he is. He’s willing to drive and do the supershows that we’re kicking off that we had last weekend and now this upcoming weekend. It’s not only good for morale, but the fans are entertained and are buying tickets to go see Cena, my son, and myself. So we get the rub off of John. He made his name in this wrestling world, and now he’s jumped over to Hollywood. But he’s coming back and forth. This might not be the last time we’re going to see him. I think we are going to see him more.

You can read the entire interview here.

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