Rey Mysterio Hypes ‘Lucha Libre-Style’ Title Match With Seth Rollins Tonight

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Rey Mysterio Hypes ‘Lucha Libre-Style’ Title Match With Seth Rollins Tonight

Future WWE Hall Of Famer Rey Mysterio was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated to hype tonight’s season premiere episode of Monday Night RAW. On the show, Mysterio will challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship. During the interview, Mysterio discussed his son’s professional wrestling training motivating him to come back to WWE in 2018, and his bout with Rollins tonight.

Here are the highlights:

His son’s professional wrestling training motivating his WWE return in 2018:

Once I made my return to WWE in 2018, a big motivation for me became my son training to one day be in the WWE. That is a big motivator for me as a father and a role model to my son. You don’t give it up, you keep going until you can’t go no more. He’s the one pushing me, motivating me to keep doing what I’ve loved to do for the past 30 years, it’s inspiring.

Working with my son and sharing these moments with him makes me think back to when Eddie Guerrero was still here, and we shared the ring with him in a storyline. I had no idea Dominick would want to do this for a living. He wanted to play football, he wanted to go to college. But he redirected his future and has trained to be part of this business and follow in my footsteps. That makes me want to keep going, and I want him to be the best version of himself within this business.

Being able to show the world he is still at the top of his game tonight:

This is not Brock versus Seth and this is not Braun versus Seth. It’s going to be a very high-paced, high-flying, lucha libre-style match, and it’s a chance to make a bold statement.

Facing Seth Rollins:

Once that bell rings, reality will set in. Seth Rollins is going to come at me and I’m going to come at him. I’ve been a big fan of Seth Rollins. After I left WWE, The Shield was coming in strong. Every now and then, I’d glance back at Monday Night Raw or SmackDown and I saw the transition that Seth was making. I’d caught bits and pieces of his career before he came into WWE, and he’s done an incredible job. I tip my mask to him.

Seth is such a great Universal Champion, and winning the title from Brock shows the type of athlete that he is. He’s constantly grinding, constantly promoting. He’s the face of Monday Night Raw and he’s created his own legacy. I know I have a hard match coming up, but I’m looking forward to every single moment. I have a lot of respect for Seth, and I’m looking forward to having a great fight on Raw.

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