Rey Mysterio Discusses His Intentions to Confront Dominik: “I Plan to Deliver a Slap to His Face”

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Rey Mysterio will defend the WWE United States Championship against Santos Escobar this Friday on SmackDown.

On the latest edition of WWE’s “The Bump,” Rey expressed his anger toward his son Dominik Mysterio for the comments the NXT North American Champion made about his father winning the United States Title.


You can check out some highlights from Mysterio below:

On his anger for his son: “I was actually reading one of Dom’s comments saying how sad it was for me to have to try and win a title when he had just become North American champion, and I’ll tell you what — if I see him, I’ll slap him right in the face for saying that, because it’s not true. I don’t feel that way. The opportunity was given and I took advantage of it, just like he did.”

On potentially facing Dominik in a Title vs. Title bout: “At the end of the day, if we come to bump shoulders again, and he’s still champion and I’m still champion, I would not mind putting this title against his title on the line.”

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Rey Mysterio Set to Defend WWE United States Championship Against Santos Escobar on SmackDown

In an exciting turn of events, Rey Mysterio is gearing up to defend his WWE United States Championship against Santos Escobar this Friday on SmackDown. The upcoming match has generated a lot of buzz among wrestling fans, especially after the recent comments made by Rey’s son, Dominik Mysterio, about his father’s title win.

During a recent episode of WWE’s “The Bump,” Rey expressed his anger towards Dominik for his comments regarding Rey winning the United States Title. Dominik, who is currently the NXT North American Champion, had apparently made remarks about his father’s victory. Rey did not hold back in expressing his disappointment, stating that if he sees Dominik, he would not hesitate to slap him in the face for making such comments.

However, Rey clarified that he does not actually feel sad or upset about winning the title while Dominik had just become the North American champion. He emphasized that both opportunities were given to them, and they both took advantage of them in their respective matches.

Interestingly, Rey also hinted at the possibility of facing Dominik in a Title vs. Title bout in the future. He mentioned that if they were to cross paths again and both still held their respective championships, he would not mind putting his title on the line against Dominik’s title. This prospect has sparked speculation and excitement among fans who are eager to witness a clash between father and son in the ring.

To get a glimpse of Rey Mysterio’s recent highlights and his comments about Dominik, you can check out the video provided in the article. It offers insights into Rey’s mindset and sheds light on the dynamics between him and his son.

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In conclusion, the upcoming match between Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar for the WWE United States Championship promises to be an intense and thrilling encounter. With Rey’s anger towards his son’s comments and the potential for a future Title vs. Title bout between Rey and Dominik, the storyline surrounding the Mysterio family continues to captivate wrestling fans worldwide.