Rey Fenix Shares the Latest Update on His Injury

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As seen at Sunday night’s AEW WrestleDream 2023 pay-per-view event, Rey Fenix was taken out of the AEW World Tag Team #1 Contender’s match very early on in the bout.

Taking to his Instagram page, the reigning AEW International Champion provided an update on his health. He wrote,


“The international championship has been a big challenge.

The night I became champion, I left the arena with the championship in my hands and with an old injury bothering me again. My first defense was painful, it did not allow the pain to stop me and continue until the fight was over, this coming Wednesday will be my second defense and I am doing my best to enter that ring and retain the champion.

I will defend this beautiful championship in any situation, a Luchador does not give up, a Luchador will always leave everything in every battle. I am a real Luchador and the man of a thousand lives, nothing and no one is going to stop me. R3Y F3N1X”

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Rey Fenix Provides Update on His Health After AEW WrestleDream 2023

Rey Fenix, the reigning AEW International Champion, recently provided an update on his health following his early exit from the AEW World Tag Team #1 Contender’s match at the WrestleDream 2023 pay-per-view event. Taking to his Instagram page, Fenix shared his thoughts and reassured fans about his condition.

In his Instagram post, Fenix acknowledged the challenges that come with holding the international championship. He revealed that he had been dealing with an old injury that resurfaced on the night he became champion. Despite the pain, Fenix pushed through and successfully defended his title in his first defense.

Fenix expressed his determination to continue fighting and retain the championship in his upcoming second defense, which was scheduled for the following Wednesday. He emphasized his commitment as a Luchador, stating that a true Luchador never gives up and always gives their all in every battle. Fenix referred to himself as a “real Luchador” and the “man of a thousand lives,” asserting that nothing and no one would stop him.

The update from Fenix provides insight into the physical toll that professional wrestling can take on athletes. It highlights the dedication and resilience required to compete at such a high level, especially while dealing with injuries. Fenix’s determination to continue fighting despite the pain serves as an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers and fans alike.

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Rey Fenix’s update on his health not only provides valuable information to his fans but also showcases his unwavering commitment to his craft. As he prepares for his second title defense, wrestling enthusiasts will eagerly await his return to the ring and witness his determination firsthand.