RetroMania Wrestling Announces First Division ‘Matches’ For IndieMania

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RetroMania Wrestling Announces First Division ‘Matches’ For IndieMania

RetroMania Wrestling has announced its first set of division ‘matches’ for IndieMania, the tournament that will decide which independent wrestler gets added into RetroMania Wrestling. The tournament – which began on December 16 and included 32 wrestlers – has been whittled down, and the full list of rules for the tournament can be found over at RetroMania’s website, but basically is limited to just independent, male wrestlers who have social media accounts.

The wrestler that comes away as the winner will become a playable wrestler in the upcoming release of RetroMania, and will even have their home promotion represented, complete with a unique arena and ring.

The full list of division matches can be found below:

The first division is officially set for #IndieMania! 🔥

Your first round matches:

▪️ @RJCity1 (1) Vs. @theirondemon (8)

▪️ @DashingChrisBey (2) Vs. @theyellowdog85 (7)

▪️ @retroag (3) Vs. @pj_hawx (6)

▪️ @ColbyCorino (4) Vs. @Clayton_Gainz (5)


— RetroMania Wrestling (@RetrosoftStudio) December 24, 2019

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