Reported Update On Rey Mysterio & WWE Contract Negotiations

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Reported Update On Rey Mysterio & WWE Contract Negotiations

rey mysterio

Photo Credit: Robert Herrera via Denise Salcedo

Rey Mysterio is indeed wrestling without a WWE contract, but there are a few intriguing factors coming in to play that could eventually lead the wrestling legend to signing a new deal with the company.

In his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports that negotiations have been happening between the two parties and the proposition of a raise is the primary discussion. Mysterio would like one, but WWE reportedly isn’t offering any due to the pandemic setback and considering that WWE will be setting a profit record due to television deals, Rey didn’t buy into that reasoning.

Meltzer does note that since Mysterio has no contract currently with the company and hasn’t had one for months that Rey is eligible to hear offers and negotiate with other promotions. One primary point of interest for Rey is obviously his son Dominik and making sure that his son gets put in the proper position to further Dominik’s in-ring career.

Dominik hasn’t been seen for quite sometime until the Rey Mysterio angle with Seth Rollins started budding so it will be interesting to see how this all lays out for Mysterio and Dominik going forward in the world of wrestling.

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