Report: WWE Fired Head Writer Over Poorly Received Remarks On A Conference Call

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Report: WWE Fired Head Writer Over Poorly Received Remarks On A Conference Call

chris dejoseph

Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Chris DeJoseph was recently let go by WWE and it’s now being reported that it was because of some inappropriate remarks he’d made on a conference call.

According to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, DeJoseph’s termination was due to comments he made on a Zoom conference call with Stan Stansky, the Senior Vice President of Creative Services, and Kevin Moore, the Senior Vice President of E-Commerce and Venue Merchandise. It was not specifically stated what he said (and the Observer noted that this was the “most consistent” version of events) but DeJoseph made some remarks that he shouldn’t have and they came off in a bad way. Vince McMahon apparently found out about the details of the call and made the decision to fire him.

It had previously been reported that DeJoseph was let go due to McMahon being furious over his extremely unprofessional behavior, but no other details were reported at the time. Chris DeJoseph had been working alongside Bruce Prichard on SmackDown and only rejoined WWE in December. Prior to this, he had a short stint with MLW and had an extended run as a producer for Lucha Underground.

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