Report: WWE Expected To Re-Sign Kurt Angle

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Report: WWE Expected To Re-Sign Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle

Photo credit: THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images

WWE laid off a massive number of superstars within the past few months and Kurt Angle was one of the superstars who did not make the cut. This left many fans surprised that a superstar of his caliber, albeit not used anymore, would be released by the company.

With other promotions such as AEW willing to scoop up talent, WWE wasn’t expected to lay off any big names. It looks like Angle’s release won’t be a lengthy one. is reporting that everyone internally suspects that Kurt Angle is coming back to WWE for good. He is in the midst of a 90-day no compete clause that ends sometime in July. A WWE source said, “If they haven’t signed him already then they will make an offer to him soon. Vince doesn’t want to lose him to AEW.” WWE executives believe that Angle would not attempt to wrestle anywhere else but is still a big name that would draw viewers anywhere he went.

Kurt was said to be happy with his backstage role so all signs point to him returning if he is offered a similar or better deal than before.

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