Report: New Plans In The Works For Edge At WrestleMania

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Report: New Plans In The Works For Edge At WrestleMania


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Following Edge’s injury taping “The Greatest Match Of All Time” at Backlash earlier this year, the plan was for him to reignite his feud with Randy Orton upon his return, leading into another WrestleMania match in 2021. While that plan is still in motion, nothing is set in stone, and always reliable source @WrestleVotes reports that one alternative match would be the Rated R Superstar stepping into the world of The Fiend.

WrestleMania update: Source states that while Edge vs Randy Orton has been the long standing plan, and still is at the moment, the idea of Edge vs The Fiend has been discussed a great deal for the show.

— WrestleVotes (@WrestleVotes) November 16, 2020

While Edge has had no prior contact with either The Fiend or Bray Wyatt’s previous incarnations, it’s possible that WWE wants to try to recapture the magic of last year’s Firefly Fun House match, and that requires an opponent for Wyatt with a long legacy in the company. Those types of personalities are dwindling at the moment, but Edge would fit perfectly.

One person who does have a long history with the wrestler is John Cena, who is currently trapped in the void outside the Fun House in kayfabe. Would Cena return from his movie career to face off against his most persistent rival one more time within The Fiend’s dreamscape? That certainly seems like a WrestleMania moment waiting to happen.

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