Report: Long-Term Plans For Roman Reigns In The Works

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WWE continues to have big plans for Roman Reigns, including long-term plans for Reigns to be cheered by the WWE Universe.

Reigns returned to WWE TV in July 2020 as a heel, aligning himself with Paul Heyman in the process and quickly captured the WWE Universal Championship.


Despite being a heel, Reigns’ tenure as the Tribal Chief has made him incredibly popular with fans in contrast to the mixed reactions he received during his face run.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer outlined some of the long-term plans for Reigns’ future.

”The angle remains the focal point of the company and has plenty of twists and turns left. There is who Jey Uso sides with that can be dragged out, the inevitable Sikoa and Reigns feud, more with Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes way down the line, and in the end, the Reigns babyface turn in the role as the all-time legend, which it seems these past few years is grooming him to be, and the special attraction superhero babyface for the big shows.”

Reigns will be on tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown to celebrate 1,000 days as Universal Champion. A new championship title has been rumored to be unveiled.

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