Report: Incoming Heel Turn For Rising WWE RAW Star

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Report: Incoming Heel Turn For Rising WWE RAW Star


With a limited roster of available talent and some unfortunately record-breaking numbers for WWE programming, it could be time for a change. We’ve seen many names we don’t normally see taking advantage of the unique circumstances, but none more than Apollo Crews. Everything post WrestleMania has been excellent from the often underutilized talent, and we may be about to see a lot more.

According to a source speaking with, Apollo Crew is due for a heel turn. He was apparently due for one on SmackDown before the most recent draft, set to turn against Chad Gable. While that never happened, the big man could be set to go to the dark side any week, with further plans placing him as the crown jewel of a new stable managed by MVP. While these are both rumors at this juncture, they make sense and would set up Crews for the first significant storyline push in his WWE career since Titus Worldwide folded.

With Paul Heyman seemingly back in full control on Monday nights and Cedric and Ricochet recently forming a tag team, we could see big things out of other so-called Paul Heyman guys even if this particular rumor doesn’t pan out. We’ll just have to keep watching.

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