Report: GM Mode To Return In WWE 2K22

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Report: GM Mode To Return In WWE 2K22

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2K announced during WWE SummerSlam that WWE 2K22 wouldn’t be launching until March of 2022. 2K also announced that we wouldn’t be getting any additional information on the game from them until January, but that doesn’t stop other sources from coming forward to deliver news to the WWE Games community.

Michael Straw of Sports Gamers Online reports that GM mode will make its long-awaited return to the WWE video game franchise. The fan-favorite mode hasn’t been seen since THQ’s SmackDown vs. RAW 2008, but fans have been requesting its return ever since. If these reports are accurate, fans will finally get their wish.

SGO reports that they have been the mode will deeper than anything fans could imagine, which could very well be a big selling point for this game when it releases during WrestleMania season next year.

Sources also told SGO that, “It was a top priority. The fans clearly wanted it, and the team knew that they add the ammo to get it approved and in.”

Another source went as far as to say that, “The mode will sell this game.”

2K was quick to respond to this article stating, “At the moment, we don’t have any additional info to share on WWE 2K22, but we’ll be revealing all the details in January. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.”

So is GM mode officially back in WWE 2K22? Only time will tell. Stay tuned as more details are revealed regarding WWE 2K22 in the months to come.

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Are you excited about the potential of GM mode returning in WWE 2K22? Do you think there’s enough room for both this and Universe mode? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.