Report: Former WWE Superstars View AEW as a Downgrade and Express Desire to Return to WWE

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Some ex-WWE Superstars who now compete in AEW can’t wait to return to the Stamford promotion, it has been claimed.

Since launching in 2019, AEW has signed several ex-Superstars, some of whom have gone on to hold the AEW World Champion.


In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it is reported that the impression is that some in AEW are eager to return to WWE despite having received pushes from Tony Khan.

These ex-WWE Superstars and current AEW names have seen joining the promotion as a “step down.”

WWE is being seen as the “major league” for these unnamed ex-Superstars who hope to receive an offer to come back to WWE when their AEW deal expires.

Both promotions will have significant events this weekend, with NXT No Mercy airing tomorrow and AEW WrestleDream on Sunday.

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Since its inception in 2019, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been making waves in the professional wrestling industry by signing several former WWE Superstars. However, recent reports suggest that some of these ex-WWE talents are eager to return to the Stamford-based promotion.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is a growing impression within AEW that certain wrestlers who have received significant pushes from AEW President Tony Khan are considering a return to WWE. Despite their success in AEW, these individuals view joining the promotion as a “step down” and see WWE as the “major league.”

It is important to note that the names of these ex-WWE Superstars have not been disclosed. However, this development highlights an interesting dynamic within the wrestling industry. While AEW has emerged as a strong competitor to WWE, with a dedicated fanbase and a roster of talented performers, WWE still holds a certain prestige and recognition as the leading promotion in professional wrestling.

The desire of these ex-WWE Superstars to return to WWE when their AEW contracts expire showcases the allure and appeal that WWE continues to hold for many wrestlers. Despite the success and opportunities provided by AEW, some individuals still see WWE as the ultimate goal and hope to receive an offer from the company.

This situation also sheds light on the ongoing competition between AEW and WWE. Both promotions have significant events scheduled for this weekend, with NXT No Mercy airing on Saturday and AEW WrestleDream taking place on Sunday. These events serve as a reminder of the intense rivalry between the two companies and the constant battle for viewership and fan loyalty.

As wrestling fans, it is exciting to witness this competition unfold, as it pushes both promotions to deliver high-quality content and create compelling storylines. Whether it’s AEW’s innovative approach or WWE’s long-standing legacy, fans have plenty of options to choose from and enjoy.

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In conclusion, the news of some ex-WWE Superstars in AEW expressing a desire to return to WWE highlights the ongoing competition and the allure that WWE continues to hold in the wrestling industry. As fans, we can look forward to witnessing how this rivalry plays out and enjoy the exciting events that both AEW and WWE have to offer.