Report: Discarded WWE Championship Plans Involved Former Stablemates

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Report: Discarded WWE Championship Plans Involved Former Stablemates

Drew McIntyre

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

When Drew McIntyre conquered Brock Lesnar at this year’s WrestleMania, there were a lot of jokes going around about how two members of 3MB were now former World Champions. Anyone following during the joke faction’s heyday never would have guessed that both Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre would emerge as top contenders, and current Raw creative head Paul Heyman must have seen that as well. According to a report by WrestleTalk, the mad genius of ECW was hoping to put McIntyre and Mahal against each other soon.

When Mahal came back from injury, the commentators were putting over his previous world title reign, something that hadn’t been done when he was falling down the card on SmackDown before his departure. It apparently wasn’t set to be a long feud, but there’s certainly a story to be told there between the two men. Alas, Mahal reinjured his leg and returned to the bench, meaning that any plans for a 3MB-focused feud will have to wait for another day.

Coincidentally, the report also mentions that Dominik Dijakovic’s ascension to the main roster is coming early because of this injury, as Raw is lacking in star power following Mahal’s injury and AJ Styles’ trip to SmackDown. It will be interesting to see if Dijak can break out of his shell on the bigger stage, as he never really had a spotlight moment in NXT apart from his matches with Keith Lee.

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