Renee Young: ‘I Never Felt Comfortable Doing Commentary’

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Renee Young: ‘I Never Felt Comfortable Doing Commentary’Renee Young

WWE Backstage host Renee Young recently joined the SI Media Podcast to talk about becoming a WWE Commentator for RAW last year.

Renee admitted that she never felt comfortable being a commentator and said she had a very stressful year. Renee said, “I needed something different to chew on. Cole and HHH pulled me aside and told me I was going to do commentary on RAW. I was like ‘What? Why? Who approved this?’ I was going to try and figure it out.”

She continued by saying that calling three hours of wrestling made it hard for her to show her bubbly and sarcastic personality. “Corey Graves is great at that. I was used to being the ‘A’ person. It was odd trying to jump and talk about something that had already been said. I tried to come at it from a fan standpoint but that does not always work. I felt some misdirection about what my purpose was out there.”

Even though she was stressed some of the time, Renee said that it was a cool experience and she would never back away from something. “Not being good at something is a hard pill to swallow. It just wasn’t really working.”

As most fans know, Renee was pulled from commentary after the WWE draft last month and will now serve as the host of the FS1 studio show ‘WWE Backstage’. You can listen to the podcast she was in below.

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