Renee Paquette Wanted To Revive ‘Tuesday Night Titans’ In WWE

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Renee Paquette Wanted To Revive ‘Tuesday Night Titans’ In WWE

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Photo Credit: WWE

Renee Paquette had dreams of being a Titan.

The former WWE host recently spoke with Justin Dhillon on Casual Conversations and revealed her shelved plans to try and bring back “Tuesday Night Titans” while she was still working for the company. Asked if she ever pitched any content that got turned down by WWE, Paquette said she wanted to do a “Titans” revival with Mean Gene Okerlund, but it never got out of the planning stages.

“One thing that I’ve always wanted to do was bring back ‘Tuesday [Night] Titans’. I wanted to host it and I wanted Mean Gene to be my sidekick, that’s what I really really wanted. We never shot a pilot or anything, it never really got any legs at all. Something like that I would have loved.”

“I pitched a couple different food show ideas of things that I wanted to like some cooking alongside some wrestlers. Trying to get a podcast kind of up and running which I mean the pitches for those never really went too far anyways but, Just like “Unfiltered” trying to expand that show, make it into something else,” Paquette explained. “Interview shows are something that I love to do, just being able to just chat with people and just hang out. Tuesday Night Titans was something I really wanted to do though.”

Tuesday Night Titans was a WWF talk show that aired on the USA Network from 1984 to 1986. Initially a two-hour broadcast, the show was later moved to a one-hour slot on Fridays, then it aired on Wednesdays until it was cancelled. Okerlund, who was a co-host on the original run, passed away in 2019 at age 76. Paquette has since left WWE and started her own podcast, Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, and she has a cookbook coming out later this year.

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