Renee Paquette On Vince McMahon Complimenting Her Commentary

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Renee Paquette On Vince McMahon Complimenting Her Commentary

renee paquette

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Renee Paquette made history during her tenure with WWE as she became the first full-time commentator for any main roster brand.

Briefly appearing as the third commentator on the Monday Night Raw brand, Renee Paquette was able to make history by becoming the first woman to perform in any capacity in Saudi Arabia, the first woman to commentate WrestleMania, and the first woman to commentate during the main event of WrestleMania.

Recently being interviewed by Justin Dhillon on Casual Conversations, Renee recalled getting complimented by Vince McMahon following her first night on commentary.

“I would say my very first night stepping in to do commentary when I was like I really had a f*cking attitude. I was like whatever they want me to do, I’ll just step in no skin off my back if it works, it works and if doesn’t, it doesn’t. I feel like everyone walked away from my first night doing a high-fiving feeling like hell yeah! That was really great. I felt good about it but to have Vince seem like he was really excited about it. He congratulated me on it, he tweeted about like oh wow he never sends out those tweets. To get that reaction from him was super cool.”

Ultimately, Renee would leave the commentary booth to become the host of WWE Backstage on FS1, a program that she would host until the show was canceled and she would subsequently request her release from WWE. Renee still comes back occasionally to host one-off episodes of Backstage such as the one that aired before the Royal Rumble event.

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