Renee Paquette On The Miz: Love Him Or Hate Him, It’s Hard Not To Respect His Hustle

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Renee Paquette On The Miz: Love Him Or Hate Him, It’s Hard Not To Respect His Hustle

The Miz at WWE Elimination Chamber

Image credit: WWE

You might want to jeer and boo him because of what he does on TV, but one thing you can’t hate on The Miz for is his impressive work ethic.

Renee Paquette recently spoke with WrestleZone and talked about The Miz’s accomplishments and how hard he’s worked in his career. Now a two-time WWE Champion, The Miz has faced a lot of criticism from fans over the years, with plenty of it coming unwarranted. Pointing out that he’s hard-working, a good dad and husband and other out-of-character traits that make it easy to relate to him, Paquette agrees that it’s exciting to see him succeed and celebrate his achievements.

“It’s hard to not like respect his hustle. I mean love him or hate him, the guy busts his ass at everything he does. That’s sort of my sweet spot having wrestlers on, especially from WWE, I know them all so well, so I see all the stuff that happens behind the scenes. I know the work that he’s putting in and that’s something,” Paquette explained, “especially once he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, wins the WWE Championship, it floored me. I was like ‘Oh my God!’ I legit popped for it like, ‘Oh shit, this is awesome.’”

“And then to be able to have him on and to be able to celebrate that hard work, just that decade journey of being in that spot before heading into WrestleMania to where he’s at now, and this dude just never takes a day off. This guy is always just working so hard at everything he does, from doing Miz & Mrs. to wrestling, I mean I just want to like highlight those things. Because as much as some people can get shit on by WWE fans or people think they’re not deserving of something or whatever, it’s like, no, everyone there busts their ass, obviously, but somebody like Mike, to see him and the success he [has] is really, really cool.”

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