Reebok Unveils Footwear Tribute to Brodie Lee – Specifics Uncovered

Reebok Unveils Footwear Tribute to Brodie Lee – Specifics Uncovered
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Champs Sports has joined forces with All Elite Wrestling and Reebok to unveil an exclusive Brodie Lee-inspired Classic Leather shoe. The shoe is now up for sale on with a price tag of .

Here’s the special statement released about the commemorative shoe:

“The Legacy Lives On

All Elite Wrestling is privileged to team up with Champs Sports and Reebok to honor the memory of our incredible former TNT Champion and acknowledge the colleague, guide, and indelible personality that Jonathan Huber embodied. has launched today the exclusive Reebok Classic Leather sneakers paying tribute to Brodie Lee, also known as Jonathan Huber.

The footwear was crafted in collaboration with Brodie Jr., featuring considerate design elements echoing various highlights of Huber’s career and personal life.

The Huber Family is thrilled to declare that all royalties generated will be donated to uphold Jon’s legacy of benevolence, empathy, and community engagement.

We appreciate your ceaseless love, patronage, and effort in helping keep Jon Huber’s legacy alive.

With love,

All Elite Wrestling and The Huber Family – Amanda, Brodie Jr, & Nolan


The Brodie Lee-inspired Reebok Classic Leather Sneakers are now available, exclusively at Champs Sports. In accordance with this, the Huber Family pledged to donate 100% of royalties to Highmark Caring, thereby perpetuating Mr. Brodie Lee’s legacy of care, compassion, and communal spirit.

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