Red Velvet’s Reaction to Her Return on the Latest Episode of AEW Dynamite

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Red Velvet is grateful for the support of fans and Tony Khan now that she has returned to AEW programming.

During this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Red Velvet returned to face Julia Hart but was unable to defeat the House of Black member.


Taking to Twitter, Red Velvet reacted to her return and was grateful for those who have supported her.

Red Velvet joined AEW in June of 2020 and scored her first win with the promotion in October of that year.

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Red Velvet, the professional wrestler, recently made her return to AEW programming and expressed her gratitude towards fans and Tony Khan for their support. Despite not being able to defeat Julia Hart, a member of the House of Black, Red Velvet took to Twitter to share her feelings about her comeback and thank those who played a significant role in her recovery.

Red Velvet’s tweet read, “Last night was unforgettable! Feels so good to be back. Big thank you to everyone that played a huge role in my recovery. Feeling so blessed. Thank you @tonyrkhan for being a big part of me living my dreams and making this comeback. LFG!!! Time to keep cookin.”

Red Velvet joined AEW in June 2020 and achieved her first win with the promotion in October of the same year. Her return to the ring after a period of absence was met with excitement from fans who have been eagerly awaiting her comeback.

Red Velvet’s appreciation for Tony Khan, the president and CEO of AEW, highlights the support and opportunities provided by the organization. Tony Khan has been instrumental in creating a platform for talented wrestlers like Red Velvet to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams.

The wrestling community has been buzzing with excitement following Red Velvet’s return, and fans are eagerly anticipating her future matches and storylines. Red Velvet’s resilience and determination serve as an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers and fans alike.

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In conclusion, Red Velvet’s return to AEW programming has been met with gratitude from the wrestler herself. Her appreciation for the support of fans and Tony Khan reflects the positive environment within AEW. As Red Velvet continues her wrestling journey, fans can expect thrilling matches and captivating storylines from this talented athlete.