Red Velvet: I’m A Sweet Person But Jade Cargill Pisses Me Off, So I’m Going To Give Her Cavities

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Red Velvet: I’m A Sweet Person But Jade Cargill Pisses Me Off, So I’m Going To Give Her Cavities

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Heading into the biggest match of her career, Red Velvet is trying to tune out the noise and focus on the in-ring action.

Red Velvet recently appeared on AEW Unrestricted and discussed the upcoming Mixed Tag Team Match in which she’ll join forces with Cody Rhodes to face Shaq and Jade Cargill. She argued that her role as the clear underdog will only make the victory that much sweeter.

“Mentally, I’m trying to get myself ready because it’s a big thing to not let myself get caught up in how big this match is gonna be, or who’s in the match or how much attention the match is gonna get, so I’m trying to really just mentally disconnect from all of that and just focus on the task at hand,” said Red Velvet.

“The majority of the world is already thinking that I’m at a disadvantage due to the height but I mean, that’s always the case with me. I think I’m very underrated, and I don’t say taken for granted, but I’m always put like the underdog, so that just makes the story better and the comeback better.”

Having a role in such a massive match would excite any wrestler, and Red Velvet described her reaction to getting a spot in the buzzworthy match.

“I mean, when I first found out about it, I was definitely stoked because it’s like, oh man, this is the biggest match to date of my career,” said Red Velvet. “So that was an excitement. I was definitely grateful for the opportunity, you know, they say when one door closes, another one’s open. I think it was only right for me to step in and have [Brandi’s] back because I just kind of was over the bullying, like how they were getting on her because she was pregnant and the attacking. And then they attacked me, so I just wasn’t going to stay quiet about it, so I’m excited, and I’m excited to finally shut Jade up.”

Red Velvet also described her persona, both as a person and as a performer. She joked that she’s sweet, but she delivered a stern warning about the consequences of getting on her bad side.

“I’m like, as a person and my alter ego, how am I? And then it all just kind of all flowed,” said Red Velvet. “My sassiness, my sweetness, because I am a very sweet person. But when you piss me off, I’ll give you cavities.”

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