Recap of WWE SmackDown Event on March 29th, 2024

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We bring you coverage for the episode of WWE SmackDown airing on March 29, 2024.

#1. Randy Orton & Kevin Owens vs. Pretty Deadly – Winners: Pretty Deadly with an assist from Logan Paul

The crowd tells Randy Orton that Logan Paul hid under the ring. After finding him, Orton takes it to Paul, although Pretty Deadly get involved. Kevin Owens helps Orton with a stunner on one, and the other gets the RKO. Logan runs away as Randy gives chase to the backstage area. Paul jumps in a car and drives away.

Iyo Sky explains why Bayley began Damage CTRL. She started it because she was lost, so she got her and Dakota Kai into the spotlight so she could take credit for their success. While she admits Bayley helped her win the title, it was her who kept Bayley relevant. Damage CTRL outgrew Bayley, and she will prove it at WrestleMania. When the vignette is over, Bayley brutally assaults Iyo. The production crew do their best to keep them apart.

Back in the ring, Nick Aldis has a contract in hand. When he became SmackDown General Manager, he had one goal. To put on the best product and make SmackDown the best show. With the latest signing, he takes the brand one step further. He is happy to introduce Jade Cargill. After making her entrance, she signs the contract.

On the microphone, Cargill says it is about damn time. She wants to make herself crystal clear. We have one of the best female rosters in the world. But, they are not Jade Cargill. They are not the headline. They are not a once in a lifetime superstar. The Storm has arrived.

#2. [WrestleMania Tag Team Qualifier] Street Profits vs. Grayson Waller & Austin Theory – Winners: Waller & Theory

Final Testament attacks Bobby Lashley and B-Fab backstage, which distracts Street Profits enough for them to lose. After the match, the Authors Of Pain blindside them. Karrion Kross joins them to direct traffic. A hurt Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring. He takes down Kross, but is overwhelmed by the numbers. Kross tells Lashley that none of them are going to WrestleMania. He failed them and himself.

After the break, Legado Del Fantasma is in the ring. Santos Escobar gloats about beating Rey Mysterio last week. He was the greatest luchador of all time. He outsmarted him, and all it took was one phone call. Dominik Mysterio makes his entrance.

WWE SmackDown Results (3/29/2024)

WWE SmackDown Results (3/29/2024)

The episode of WWE SmackDown airing on March 29, 2024, was filled with intense matches and surprising moments. Here is a recap of the key events that took place during the show.

In the first match of the night, Randy Orton and Kevin Owens faced off against the tag team Pretty Deadly. However, to everyone’s surprise, Pretty Deadly emerged as the winners with an assist from Logan Paul. The crowd informed Randy Orton that Logan Paul was hiding under the ring, and after finding him, Orton attacked Paul. However, Pretty Deadly intervened, and Owens came to Orton’s aid with a stunner on one of the opponents. Orton then delivered an RKO to the other opponent. Logan Paul managed to escape by jumping into a car and driving away, with Randy Orton chasing after him.

The next segment featured Iyo Sky explaining why Bayley started Damage CTRL. According to Sky, Bayley formed the group because she felt lost and wanted to take credit for the success of herself and Dakota Kai. While Sky acknowledged that Bayley helped her win the title, she claimed that she was the one who kept Bayley relevant. This led to a brutal assault by Bayley on Iyo Sky, with the production crew trying to keep them apart.

Following this, SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis appeared in the ring with a contract in hand. Aldis expressed his goal of making SmackDown the best show and announced the signing of Jade Cargill. Cargill made her entrance and signed the contract. On the microphone, Cargill declared that she is a once-in-a-lifetime superstar and that she would prove that she is the headline of the women’s division.

The second match of the night was a WrestleMania Tag Team Qualifier between Street Profits and Grayson Waller & Austin Theory. Unfortunately for Street Profits, they were distracted by an attack from Final Testament on Bobby Lashley and B-Fab backstage, leading to their loss. After the match, the Authors of Pain blindsided Street Profits, with Karrion Kross joining them to direct the attack. A hurt Bobby Lashley made his way to the ring and fought back against Kross but was overwhelmed by the numbers. Kross taunted Lashley, stating that none of them would be going to WrestleMania because Lashley had failed them and himself.

In the final segment of the night, Legado Del Fantasma was in the ring, with Santos Escobar boasting about his victory over Rey Mysterio the previous week. Dominik Mysterio made his entrance, setting up a potential feud between the two.

Overall, the March 29, 2024 episode of WWE SmackDown was filled with action-packed matches and intriguing storylines. Fans were treated to surprising twists and turns, setting the stage for future rivalries and events in the world of professional wrestling.