Recap of WWE NXT Event on February 6, 2024: Highlights and Outcomes

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Tonight’s episode of WWE NXT is live out of the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida. Welcome to the eWrestlingNews coverage of NXT results for this week!

Follow along here for results of all the matches and noteworthy moments and keep refreshing for updates. Be sure to chat it up in the comments below and tell us your thoughts while watching this episode!

  • Carmelo Hayes opened up the show, but said “not yet” and left. He’s not going to talk about what he did at Vengeance Day until another time.
  • The Wolf Dogs celebrated their Dusty Cup victory (which included Breakker getting Alicia Taylor to call them The Wolf Dogs).
  • Axiom and Nathan Frazer defeated Edris Enofe and Malik Blade by pinfall. Wolf Dogs fought with Axiom and Frazer after the match. The D’Angelo Family then came out and the challenge is set for the tag titles next week.
  • TBD – Lexis King vs Riley Osborne
  • TBD – Roxanne Perez vs Lola Vice
  • TBD – Carmelo Hayes explains why he attacked Trick Williams at Vengeance Day (maybe a redo of this segment later?)

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WWE NXT: Results and Highlights from This Week’s Episode

The latest episode of WWE NXT aired live from the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida. Here are the results and noteworthy moments from this week’s show.

The episode kicked off with Carmelo Hayes making his way to the ring. However, he decided not to address his actions at Vengeance Day just yet and left the audience in suspense. It seems that Hayes has something significant to reveal, and fans will have to wait for another time to find out what it is.

Next up, The Wolf Dogs, who emerged victorious in the Dusty Cup, celebrated their win. The team, consisting of Breakker and Alicia Taylor, even managed to convince Taylor to refer to them as The Wolf Dogs. This victory has undoubtedly solidified their position as a formidable tag team in NXT.

In a tag team match, Axiom and Nathan Frazer faced off against Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. Axiom and Frazer showcased their skills and emerged victorious by pinfall. However, the celebration was short-lived as The Wolf Dogs confronted them after the match. Tensions escalated, and it was announced that The D’Angelo Family would challenge Axiom and Frazer for the tag team titles in the following week.

The episode also featured two matches that were yet to be determined. Lexis King was set to face Riley Osborne, while Roxanne Perez was scheduled to take on Lola Vice. Unfortunately, the results of these matches were not provided in the article.

Lastly, fans were left with a cliffhanger as Carmelo Hayes’ explanation for attacking Trick Williams at Vengeance Day was postponed. It seems that there is more to this story, and viewers will have to wait for a future segment to learn about Hayes’ motives.

Overall, this episode of NXT left fans with several intriguing storylines and developments. The ongoing feud between Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams, the rise of The Wolf Dogs, and the upcoming tag team title match between Axiom/Frazer and The D’Angelo Family are all elements to look forward to in the coming weeks.

What did you think of this episode of NXT? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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