Recap of Saturday Night’s TNA Impact TV Tapings: **SPOILERS**

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You can check out the complete **SPOILERS** from Saturday night’s TNA Wrestling ‘Bayou Blast’ TV tapings below. These matches will be airing on AXS TV over the course of the next several weeks:

* Steve Maclin pinned Speedball Bailey.

* Nick Nemeth appeared on the Titantron and said he’s been in New Japan winning a title and he will defend it against Steve Maclin at Sacrifice.

* Jake Something pinned Laredo Kid.

* AJ Francis and Deaner defeated Rich Swann and Joe Hendry.

* There was a championship ceremony for new X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali. The Good Hands were with Ali. Chris Sabin came out and ran down Ali and said Ali likes to talk but Sabin is a man of action. He then nailed Ali with a punch. The Good Hands attacked and Sabin was triple-teamed. KUSHIDA and Kevin Knight made the save.

* Xia Brookside vs. Tasha Steelz went to a no contest. Jordynne Grace came out and said she would face both at TNA Sacrifice.

* TNA Champion Moose & Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards defeated TNA Tag Team Champions ABC & Eric Young.

* Jodi Threat pinned Killer Kelly.

* TNA Digital Media Champion Crazzy Steve pinned Rhino.

* TNA X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali pinned Kevin Knight. The Good Hands, then KUSHIDA and Chris Sabin got involved. Alex Shelley hit the ring to stave off Ali and friends.

* Ash by Elegance won a squash match.

* The Time Splitters defeated The Good Hands.

* Josh Alexander defeated Dirty Dango.

* Dani Luna defeated Masha Slamovich.

* PCO defeated Alan Angels.

* There was an in-ring segment with Moose and Eric Young going back and forth. The System attacked Young but ABC made the save.

* Trent Seven defeated Trey Miguel.

TNA Wrestling ‘Bayou Blast’ TV Tapings: Complete Spoilers Revealed

TNA Wrestling recently held its ‘Bayou Blast’ TV tapings, and fans can expect some exciting matches and storylines in the coming weeks. The event took place on Saturday night and featured several notable moments that will be airing on AXS TV.

Here is a rundown of the matches and segments that took place during the tapings:

1. Steve Maclin pins Speedball Bailey:
In an intense opening match, Steve Maclin emerged victorious by pinning Speedball Bailey. This win sets up a future showdown between Maclin and Nick Nemeth.

2. Nick Nemeth’s challenge:
Nick Nemeth appeared on the Titantron during the tapings and announced that he has been competing in New Japan and winning a title. He declared that he would defend his title against Steve Maclin at Sacrifice, promising an exciting clash between the two talented wrestlers.

3. Jake Something defeats Laredo Kid:
In another thrilling match, Jake Something secured a victory over Laredo Kid, showcasing his skills and leaving the audience impressed.

4. AJ Francis and Deaner triumph over Rich Swann and Joe Hendry:
AJ Francis and Deaner formed a formidable tag team and managed to defeat the duo of Rich Swann and Joe Hendry. This win could potentially lead to future tag team opportunities for Francis and Deaner.

5. Mustafa Ali’s X-Division Championship ceremony:
A championship ceremony was held for the new X-Division Champion, Mustafa Ali. The Good Hands accompanied Ali during the ceremony. However, Chris Sabin interrupted the celebration, criticizing Ali’s talkative nature and asserting himself as a man of action. Sabin then attacked Ali, leading to a brawl. KUSHIDA and Kevin Knight came to Sabin’s aid, resulting in a chaotic scene.

6. Xia Brookside vs. Tasha Steelz ends in a no contest:
The match between Xia Brookside and Tasha Steelz ended in a no contest. Jordynne Grace made her presence known, announcing that she would face both Brookside and Steelz at TNA Sacrifice.

7. Moose, Brian Myers, and Eddie Edwards defeat ABC and Eric Young:
In a high-stakes match, TNA Champion Moose, Brian Myers, and Eddie Edwards emerged victorious against TNA Tag Team Champions ABC and Eric Young. This win solidifies the dominance of Moose and his allies.

8. Jodi Threat pins Killer Kelly:
Jodi Threat showcased her skills by pinning Killer Kelly, adding another victory to her record.

9. Crazzy Steve defeats Rhino:
TNA Digital Media Champion Crazzy Steve managed to pin Rhino in an intense match, proving his worth as a champion.

10. Mustafa Ali retains X-Division Championship against Kevin Knight:
Mustafa Ali successfully defended his X-Division Championship against Kevin Knight. However, the Good Hands, KUSHIDA, and Chris Sabin all got involved in the match. Alex Shelley made a surprise appearance to help fend off Ali and his allies.

11. Ash by Elegance wins a squash match:
Ash by Elegance dominated in a squash match, showcasing their strength and skills.

12. The Time Splitters defeat The Good Hands:
The Time Splitters emerged victorious against The Good Hands in an exciting tag team match.

13. Josh Alexander defeats Dirty Dango:
Josh Alexander secured a win over Dirty Dango, displaying his technical prowess and athleticism.

14. Dani Luna triumphs over Masha Slamovich:
Dani Luna showcased her abilities by defeating Masha Slamovich in an intense battle.

15. PCO defeats Alan Angels:
PCO proved his dominance by defeating Alan Angels in an impressive display of power and resilience.

16. Moose and Eric Young’s in-ring segment:
Moose and Eric Young engaged in a heated exchange during an in-ring segment. The System attacked Young, but ABC made a surprise save, potentially setting up future rivalries and alliances.

17. Trent Seven defeats Trey Miguel:
In the final match of the tapings, Trent Seven emerged victorious against Trey Miguel, leaving the audience excited for what’s to come.

These spoilers give fans a glimpse into the upcoming episodes of TNA Wrestling on AXS TV. With intense matches, surprising twists, and intriguing storylines, viewers can look forward to an action-packed and entertaining experience in the weeks to come.