Recap of Saturday Night’s ROH TV Tapings in London, Ontario (3/30/24) – **SPOILERS**

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Ring of Honor held a set of TV tapings on Saturday night after the AEW Collision tapings from the Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario, CA.

You can check out the complete **SPOILER** results below:

* Shane Taylor Promotions (Lee Moriarty & Shane Taylor) def. Julian Ward & Kaz Jordan.

* Lee Johnson def. Nick Comoroto.

* Abadon def. Nova.

Ring of Honor (ROH) recently held a set of TV tapings following the AEW Collision tapings at the Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario, CA. This event showcased some exciting matches and featured talented wrestlers from both ROH and AEW. Let’s take a closer look at the results of these tapings.

The first match of the night saw Shane Taylor Promotions, consisting of Lee Moriarty and Shane Taylor, take on Julian Ward and Kaz Jordan. In an impressive display of teamwork and skill, Shane Taylor Promotions emerged victorious, defeating their opponents. This win further solidifies their status as a formidable tag team in the wrestling world.

Next up was a match between Lee Johnson and Nick Comoroto. Both wrestlers brought their A-game to the ring, delivering a highly competitive and intense bout. In the end, it was Lee Johnson who managed to secure the victory, showcasing his athleticism and determination.

The third match featured Abadon facing off against Nova. Abadon, known for her unique and eerie persona, brought her signature intensity to the ring. Despite a valiant effort from Nova, Abadon proved to be too much to handle, ultimately emerging as the victor. This win adds to Abadon’s growing reputation as a dominant force in women’s wrestling.

These TV tapings provided an opportunity for both established and up-and-coming wrestlers to showcase their skills and entertain the audience. It also served as a platform for ROH and AEW to collaborate and cross-promote their talent, creating a buzz among wrestling fans.

ROH has long been known for its commitment to showcasing high-quality wrestling matches and promoting emerging talent. With these TV tapings, they continue to uphold their reputation as a premier wrestling promotion. The collaboration with AEW further adds to the excitement surrounding these events, as fans eagerly anticipate future matchups and storylines.

In conclusion, the recent TV tapings held by Ring of Honor after the AEW Collision tapings in London, Ontario, CA, were a resounding success. The matches featured a mix of established and rising stars, delivering thrilling performances for the audience. With this collaboration between ROH and AEW, the wrestling world is buzzing with anticipation for what the future holds.