Recap of AEW Dynamite Episode on April 3rd, 2024

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Here are the full results for the episode of AEW Dynamite airing on April 3, 2024.

AEW Dynamite Results (4/3/2024)

Adam Copeland says there has been a ton of negative feedback this week. Screw that! Let’s look at the positives. He is a fan of pro wrestling. As a kid, he watched WWF, the NWA, and so many more, because he loves professional wrestling. For nine years he had this torn away from him. When he got it back and thought about the end of his career, he realized that AEW was where needed to be.

He looked at the roster and he will put it up against any other roster he has been in. He could face Will Ospreay, Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, and so many more. And they are all first-time matches. He has had a phenomenal career, but this is the most fun he has had. He celebrates AEW. Adam thanks the guys who started this company. Omega. Young Bucks. Cody Rhodes. Tony Khan. We love this!

AEW has pushed this industry in to a better place. It gives more people a chance to do what they love for a living. AEW makes pro wrestling better and more fun. AEW is where the best wrestle. It is time to move forward. There is a reason he, Mercedes, Okada, and Ospreay came here. He introduces Will Ospreay.

#1. Will Ospreay vs. Powerhouse Hobbs – Winner:

AEW Dynamite Results (4/3/2024)

On April 3, 2024, AEW Dynamite aired with a lineup of exciting matches and moments that left fans buzzing. The episode featured a passionate speech from Adam Copeland, also known as Edge, who expressed his love for professional wrestling and his gratitude for being a part of AEW.

Copeland acknowledged the negative feedback the company had received recently but chose to focus on the positives. He reminisced about his childhood, watching WWF, NWA, and other promotions, and how he fell in love with the sport. After a nine-year hiatus, Copeland returned to wrestling and realized that AEW was where he needed to be.

He praised the AEW roster, stating that he would put it up against any other roster he had been a part of. Copeland mentioned names like Will Ospreay, Kenny Omega, and Hangman Page, expressing his excitement for facing them in first-time matches. He described his time in AEW as the most fun he has had in his career and expressed his gratitude towards the individuals who started the company, including Omega, Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, and Tony Khan.

Copeland emphasized how AEW has pushed the industry into a better place, providing more opportunities for people to pursue their passion for professional wrestling as a career. He credited AEW for making wrestling better and more enjoyable for both performers and fans alike.

The episode also featured a match between Will Ospreay and Powerhouse Hobbs. Unfortunately, the article does not provide the winner of the match, leaving fans curious about the outcome. The accompanying image showcases the card for the night’s episode, adding visual appeal to the article.

Overall, the April 3, 2024 episode of AEW Dynamite was filled with excitement and positivity. Adam Copeland’s heartfelt speech highlighted the love and passion that drives AEW and its wrestlers. With a strong roster and a commitment to pushing the industry forward, AEW continues to captivate fans and provide a platform for talented performers to shine.