Real1 (Enzo Amore) Credits Kevin Nash For Ending Up Being A Wrestler, More

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Previous WWE Superstar Real1 (Enzo Amore) was a current visitor on the “Busted Open Radio” podcast to talk about a range of subjects, consisting of remaining in presence at the notorious MSG Curtain Call. He stated,

” If it wasn’t for Big Daddy Cool Diesel, I would not have actually been a wrestler, and I would not have actually comprehended this organization prior to anything else made good sense to me.”

According to Real1, seeing the drape call “broke kayfabe” for him and had him thrilled as he went house.

You can have a look at the main trailer and summary for today’s episode of WOW– Women of Wrestling listed below:

* Tiki Chamorro vs. Genesis
* BK Rhythm vs. Chantilly Chella
* Big Rig Betty and Holly Swag vs. The Disciplinarian and GI Jane
* Kandi Krush vs. Siren the Voodoo Doll (Chainsaw and Holidead are prohibited from ringside)

EPISODE 27: “Fans Want Answers!”– Lana Star’s Fabulous Four faction is taking control of WOW however simply what will that suggest for the remainder of the WOW lineup? Can Tiki Chamorro beat Exile’s Genesis in a songs match as Exodus and Ice Cold stand ring side. Will BK Rhythm’s raps or Chantilly Chella’s dance moves win the crowd? And the future looks intense for the very first mother-daughter tag group in WOW history: Big Rig Betty and Holly Swag. Will the Mother Truckers be able to beat Samantha Smart’s group of The Disciplinarian and GI Gane? And in the primary occasion Kandi Krush deals with Siren The Voodoo Doll in an individually match, with Chainsaw and Holidead prohibited from ringside. Will Krush lastly get the responses she yearns for?

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