Raven To His Old Rival Tommy Dreamer, On His Birthday: He’s A Piece Of Crap… But He’s My Piece Of Crap

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Raven To His Old Rival Tommy Dreamer, On His Birthday: He’s A Piece Of Crap… But He’s My Piece Of Crap

Raven truly has a way with words and he didn’t mince any when paying tribute to his friend former rival Tommy Dreamer on his 50th birthday.

IMPACT Wrestling shared a new video of Raven wishing Tommy Dreamer a happy birthday. The ECW alum acknowledged Dreamer’s milestone day and title shot, noting that he would’ve shown up to screw him out of the title… if he had a shot of winning in the first place.

My name is Raven, professional wrestling superstar, but you already know that. Look, here’s the deal—Dreamer’s turning 50 and he’s got a title shot. The title shot is inconsequential because he’s not going to win. If I thought he was going to win, I’d show up myself and DDT him to make sure he didn’t win, but that’s not even going to be necessary.

He’s a piece of crap, he’s a jabroni, he’s fat and he’s old, but he is my piece of crap. Quote the Raven, nevermore.

Dreamer will challenge Rich Swann for the IMPACT World Championship at No Surrender on Saturday night.

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.@THETOMMYDREAMER's eternal rival @theraveneffect wished Tommy Dreamer a happy birthday as only he can ahead of #NoSurrender tonight on @IMPACTPlusApp. pic.twitter.com/oujpXlZuPa

— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) February 13, 2021

On a related note, Dreamer recently appeared on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast and reflected on his upcoming IMPACT World Championship Match with Rich Swann at No Surrender. Dreamer offered his thoughts on the difference between the fans’ reaction to his title match and that of Goldberg in WWE and why he thinks fans still rally behind him today.

“I just think for me, I’m still grinding it out. I had a crazy six-man with Eric Young, Cody Deaner and Joe Doering. I’ve never stopped wrestling. I mean before the pandemic, hustling 200+ shows a year, from UWF halls to shit venues, to beautiful venues, with AEW, running my own shows with House of Hardcore, I think that’s where fans appreciate it more because I never stopped grinding and yeah, I do love it.”

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