Raven Explains Why He’s Not Enjoyed Pro Wrestling In Over twenty years

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Wrestling veteran Raven might have committed much of his life to amusing fans, however the previous WWE Superstar has no interest in taking a seat and seeing a wrestling program.

After quick stints as Scotty Flamingo and Johnny Polo in WCW and the WWF, Scott Levy would present ‘‘ Raven’ to ECW in 1995, influenced by the Edgar Allan Poe poem.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Raven discussed not having an interest in enjoying wrestling any longer and stated that 2001’s Invasion angle was the last straw.

” It was a very long time earlier, back in the early 2000s when they did The Alliance angle and after that they didn’t utilize any person and they simply buried everyone. And I lost interest and I stopped seeing it and after that I never ever chose it back up, you understand what I indicate?

” There are many other things on television that I wished to see and books I wished to check out. I simply didn’t have time. And I ‘d currently seen and done whatever that can be carried out in wrestling, practically.”

Calling himself a “completist” who would not be pleased with viewing simply one wrestling program, Raven stated he’s “got a lot of other interests” to view wrestling today.

Raven’s latest match saw him on the winning side of a six-man tag-team match at AIW WrestleRager 4 in August 2019.

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