Ratings Matter To Tommaso Ciampa: ‘It Brings That Competitive Edge Out’

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Ratings Matter To Tommaso Ciampa: ‘It Brings That Competitive Edge Out’

Tommaso Ciampa

Photo Credit: WWE

Tommaso Ciampa sure has that competitive blood and The Sicilian Psychopath reverberated such ideals in a recent interview with Sportskeeda.

Ciampa spoke with Rich Ucchino regarding the ratings battle between NXT and AEW and Rich didn’t even have to bring it up before Tommaso beat him to the punch, stating that ratings add a bit of bite when it comes to some good-natured competition.

“It makes it a little bit more fun. It brings that competitive edge out. I mean have friends over there and I also have people over there I’ve never met or ever shared a ring with. It’s awesome to see, you know, everyone just elevating their game. Everyone just wants it. I don’t know if people say ratings don’t matter… they sure as Hell matter. Like, you want to win.”

Ciampa continues, stating how much the shift to the USA Network meant for NXT as establishing itself as a third brand.

“Now that we’re on USA, we’re doing live TV. There’s just no more “yea buts.” – They’re (NXT roster) doing everything that you would constitute of as a main roster player. I think that’s the main thing, that switch. That developmental like, stink is just gone.”

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