Randy Orton Wants Ken Shamrock In The 2020 WWE Hall Of Fame

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Randy Orton Wants Ken Shamrock In The 2020 WWE Hall Of Fame

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Ask the question and be prepared for any type of answer, WWE. The WWE on Fox Twitter handle tends to walk on the line when it comes to presenting questions that the brass in Stamford, CT would tend to not feel comfortable about asking and they left one so up for grabs that you better believe that Randy Orton was all but ready to make the most of it.

The Twitter account left a blank line when seeing who fans would want to see be the next induction of the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame and Orton made his opinion known.

#shamrock4HOF @ShamrockKen https://t.co/piRp0d18XX

— Randy Orton (@RandyOrton) December 10, 2019

Ken Shamrock talked about being “persona non grata” with WWE in an interview with Chris Van Vliet earlier this year and “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” is confused about his relationship with the company.

“I don’t know if there is a relationship. I know I was there and I know that I was able to be part of something special. I just don’t know if there was ever a relationship because even after I left, it almost felt like I was the black sheep. Once I left [I was] never mentioned again. No credit given, no highlights or anything shown. Nobody speaks of it. I don’t know, it’s just weird, it’s just gone.”

“Even when they did this Raw reunion and these other reunions, it’s like why wouldn’t I have been there? I don’t understand that. I don’t know who I pissed off or what kind of bridges were blown up. I thought I did everything on a very professional level.”

Do you think Ken Shamrock should get the nod this year? Sound off in the comments below.

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