Randy Orton Says He Never Really Entertained Leaving WWE Before Signing New Contract

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Randy Orton Says He Never Really Entertained Leaving WWE Before Signing New Contract

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Photo credit: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images

Randy Orton, along with Steve Austin, were two of the guests on the latest WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves and The Viper addressed his level of seriousness when it came to leaving WWE before he resigned with the company. Corey stated that Orton’s “troll level” was at 1000 and Orton substantiates that belief.

“Yeah, I was just having fun and I’ve been more so now than ever, aware of other guys like Will Ospreay and other guys that work with Cody [Rhodes] and I’m watching a little more wrestling, I’m not in the WWE bubble as much as I’ve been for almost the last two decades and I’m learning to appreciate other styles a little more instead of just quickly seeing something that isn’t how I would do it or isn’t how I would sell it and I’m realizing in it’s own way it’s good.”

Orton states that his ultimate intention might upset some fans.

“This might be upsetting for some people, but I never really saw myself leaving WWE. To me, it was about getting to a point where I’m happy and what I’m doing to my body, the amount of time that I’m gone from my family, in the end it’s all gonna be worth it and that’s where I’m at right now. So I’m definitely happy being a WWE Superstar.”

Corey asks Randy what has made him so relevant for nearly two decades and Orton credits fortitude, durability and “the little things.”

“A little bit of luck, a little bit of talent. I don’t know. I know that early in my career I was given multiple second chances and I’d get in trouble for it. There would be a punishment, whether it was time out or fines, but I would always come back.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Something else Orton garners from re-signing with WWE was the opportunity to work with young talents like Ricochet and knowing that he has the capability to help them develop further with the WWE product. You can listen to the entire episode below.

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