Randy Orton is Allegedly Hurt, and a Fresh QR Code Broadcasts on WWE SmackDown.

Randy Orton is Allegedly Hurt, and a Fresh QR Code Broadcasts on WWE SmackDown.
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The recent episode of WWE SmackDown brought with it a couple of significant announcements pertaining to superstar Randy Orton and intriguing QR code clues for fans.

The audience was informed that WWE’s Randy Orton is currently nursing a knee injury. After a match where Orton was defeated by GUNTHER in the King of the Ring finals, he was seen clutching his knee following a kick-out by his opponent. Through a communication made by Kevin Owens during the SmackDown TV show recorded in Albany, New York, fans were told that Orton was recuperating at home.

As of this moment, there are no clear details about how severe Orton’s injury might be.

In another intriguing turn of events, a fresh QR code was displayed during this week’s WWE SmackDown episode. This latest code guided fans to a website that is home to an archive of earlier clues.

An image depicting various scribbled and crumpled notes was featured at the bottom of that webpage. One note had the ominous message, “Save Yourself,” whereas another delivered a slightly soothing note of encouragement that read, “Will Tell You More Tomorrow.”

A tweet by a user named @WrestlingCovers further highlighted these developments. It showed the new QR Code directed to all previous ones and seemingly promised another revelation the next day.

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