Quiz Eric Something: After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson

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What would a WWE/WCW joint pay-per-look behold cherish in 1995? Eric watched the AEW premiere TWICE?! On this episode of After 83 Weeks with knowledgeable wrestling announcer Christy Olson, we’re breaking down all of the wide unearths from the most up-to-date 83 Weeks: Quiz Eric Something! Join the conversation LIVE as knowledgeable wrestler George Hermoza and Eric’s digital producer Steve Kaufmann weigh in on whether Ted Turner needs to be in the WWE Hall of Standing, the motives of these messing with Goldberg, which podcasts have faith untrue experiences, why Glacier makes fans so furious, and masses extra. Give us your thoughts in the dwell chat for a shoutout on the point out!

The revelations made, gradual the scenes vital aspects uncovered and myths debunked…Right here’s the set to come after listening to 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff!

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I be loopy about wrestling, because they are priceless! what would a joint pay-per-look between WWE and WCW behold cherish in 1995 we’re exploring that and extra you hear to them now dangle spherical with us here’s after 83 weeks with Christie Olson that’s me I’m Maria Menounos and you’re tuned in to afterbuzz TV the ESPN of TV snarl now [Music] the rest episode of 83 weeks thanks so grand for coming to dangle spherical with us tonight joining me is the producer of Eric’s digital channel and the digital channels of most of your favourite wrestling archaic it’s Steve Kaufman hello I used to be doing my uh my teddy long this this section of the the tune makes me have to upright holla holla it’s taken cherish six months or something cherish that but these guys are in some diagram dancing alongside at the starting of the point out extra cherish a 300 and sixty five days essentially it has been a 300 and sixty five days for this point out this man is a little bit tuckered out from coaching with Brian Kendrick earlier at present time he is a educated wrestler and we name me encyclopedia of knowledgeable wrestling yeah web furious dwell crowd its George from oz I’m George Moses I do know on Wednesdays we had been a purple uh I point out Sam in coloration but to be debatable I have faith cherish it might maybe most likely perchance well be irregular if I asked all people accessible what they’re carrying but I invent wonder mind you that we’re dwell upright here on the 83 weeks YouTube channel you guys can take part the conversation I behold you all there hanging out already must you should repeat us what you think that a WC WWE pay-per-look would behold cherish please enable us to know your thoughts and whereas you’re at it poking spherical hit that subscribe button so that you simply don’t omit any of the wintry clips from the point out upright here on 83 week’s channel and on that display cloak we’re gonna jump upright into this one you understand what let’s upright kick it off since I’ve teased it so grand because I’m this form of tease let’s snarl about this concept that Eric brought up that between a joint WCW and WWE pay-per-look he used to be asked by one of the vital fans used to be it ever concept about would it now not ever have faith took residing would it now not have faith worked and Eric used to be attracted to it but he said you understand essentially someplace between 94 and 96 would had been the time to build that invent you guys think that would have faith seemed cherish in 1995 I point out it upright relies because clearly must it is seemingly you’ll perchance well well maybe also honest have faith 1995 upright realistically you can had champion versus champion would had been Tall Daddy Cool diesel up in opposition to Hulk Hogan no thanks I’m now not but then you had the United States Championship which used to be extra or less going to and fro with cherish staying and whatnot and on completely different aspect yeah I cherish Shawn Michaels sure please I’d cherish to behold a confirmed Michaels versus ting clearly had been potentially by no methodology gonna behold it but man cherish a 95 oh my god that we’ve been finest yeah that’s um on the most major tournament cherish must you’re telling me that diesel versus Hulk Hogan might be the most major tournament of such an tournament of this form of pay-per-study the time that would had been essentially wintry taking a stare advantage on it man we might well also honest be and and that’s us taking a stare advantage on it cuz we’ve considered that upright Kevin Nash has worked with Hulk Hogan many a time but we’re speaking an replace actuality the set maybe that doesn’t happen what I came at some level of attention-grabbing used to be the premise that he used to be he even remotely concept he would invent this form of co-promotion or the WUF would have faith carried out a co promotion with him doing emotions at that time cherish taking a stare advantage thru rose-coloured glasses now that every part’s wintry with him in Vince’s we also realized on this episode I have faith section of it is a long way him having cherish having rose-coloured glasses about working there but I also think he’s yeah sure hypotheticals he hates hypotheticals so the 2d he hates hypotheticals I have faith he permits himself the flexibility to movement off on loopy tangents and web um web headlines cherish he’s gotten this week of Oh Eric Bischoff would have faith carried out a co-promotion and I’m cherish oh it upright it’s upright loopy to have faith in mind cherish if that had been if that used to be even in consideration of taking place cherish whoever reached out first is entirely corresponding to you’re gonna web jobbed out as it sounds cherish must you attain out for the factor in of Bischoff attain out to Vince yeah Vince is gonna be cherish oh whoa he needs me to invent it yeah let’s invent it but you understand cherish I’ll agree to it but and upright I point out taking a stare advantage you can have faith an gigantic cuz we constantly noticed these Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazines I constantly had that maybe as soon as a 300 and sixty five days Adobe WF versus WCW and it used to be constantly Bret Hart versus sting and it used to be constantly you understand Hogan versus Flair clearly maybe cherish the early 90s but I point out it used to be constantly stress-free to cherish upright even at the time it used to be constantly stress-free to have faith in mind it stress-free to even put cessation into consideration it taking place cherish it’s very stress-free to put cessation into consideration Arn Anderson vs. the Undertaker I essentially have faith every 95 January 95 rosters pulled up Macho Man Randy Savage used to be in WCW 95 let’s macho man and bam bigelow I’d have faith beloved in cherish upright for the sake of cherish a visible cherish I’d have faith cherish dinner ticker versus at the time the wide because the wide used to be a totally completely different restaurant WCW he used to be extra agile he used to be slimmer you can invent a dropkick and for that cherish I’d cherish to behold him reverses Tall Daddy Cool diesel or him in opposition to the Undertaker and we obtained a bunch of fans hanging out in the chat Jay into Finn and DP DP sent your mics behold cherish bumblebees invent DP here’s an afterbuzz TV production on the eighty three weeks channel and we invent infrequently have faith eric calling in and answering your questions but since he used to be a little bit busy with the Smackdown premiere this week and since you guys obtained to present web your inquiries to him anyway thru this episode of 83 weeks we don’t have faith him tonight but we will in the long wobble and of us are constantly uncommon about Eric’s relationship with Vince McMahon what used to be it cherish advantage then what is it cherish now and we did web some juicy juicy tidbits about what their relationship has evolved into now and 2019 with Eric engaged on Smackdown he said that he works closely with Vince now which used to be extra or less a surprise you understand Vince is must you’re there he’s peaceable an elusive personality you don’t behold him spherical grand and I constantly wonder cherish it constantly sounds to all people cherish he relatively grand finest talks to 1 or two of us you understand they extra or less relay the total messages but in accordance to Eric he invents are working closely together now and he even went as a lot as now as to name Vince a genius what invent you manufacture a inferior boys and staring at the WB network they have faith got heaps of these cherish Memoir reveals or gradual the scenes reveals heaps of these extra or less cherish in-depth the set you don’t essentially behold that on Raw and SmackDown and each now after which you behold a glimpse of cherish Vince now not being mr. McMahon you’ll behold in Vince being Vince and Vince essentially being in a residing the set all upright at this level you switch your to your upright because the cameras gonna be upright there corresponding to you think that glimpses of that and I’d fancy that because cherish I upright have to web extra of upright how genius that all people says he is corresponding to you behold that ha cherish upright in front of you cherish I mediate it I mediate Eric when he says that because there’s heaps of things that we don’t behold as a fan that I’m sure they all behold up cessation I have faith if we given given Eric’s history every with WCW but then also producing TV outside with WCW cherish I have faith section of the reason he’s in on this Fox deal is he has an huge history and contacts upright promoting tv and had been creating tv and producing tv so for him to Eric Bischoff to speak I’m engaged on tv week to week with Vince McMahon and I have faith he’s a genius and cherish even he’s cautious about what I point out by genius and this and that cherish I have faith there’s some merit to it I also think there’s some merit to Vince McMahon being at the helm of a stamp that has weathered so grand cherish weathered extra than any completely different wrestling stamp might well have faith ever maybe presupposed to whether that there there needs to be something there there needs to be something there that’s otherworldly and that’s infrequently when we initiate getting into into genius or guru or magic yeah and cherish that’s the set these words turn into the set it’s cherish I don’t he upright it clicks for him and he will get it cherish there’s a concept of genius relativity of us that don’t mess with YouTube at all name me a genius because they don’t mess with YouTube at all but it indubitably makes plenty cherish it methodology plenty extra coming from Eric all upright successfully I used to be upright gonna allege repeat Eric calls you a genius who don’t have to hear about it on this point out no I I digress Steve is a youtube genius and makes all of this happen for us ahaha fancy that you simply guys are so chatting there in the dwell chat so repeat us dwell chatters what invent you factor in this does Ted Turner belong in the WWE Hall of Standing he useless to speak potentially would be reluctant to invent an appearance now thanks to his successfully being considerations but invent you guys think that can perchance well well be acceptable cherish must you heard that recordsdata you understand come March or regardless of it is a long way when all of it started spill it out Ted Turner inducted into the WWE Hall of Standing what would be your reaction I have faith he’s constantly been a ample of a Hall of Standing induction yeah I don’t know if he would ever have faith give him cherish the platform to teach upright um but now that they’ve that legacy flit of the set upright induct cherish eight of us at a time most of them I have faith they’ve all passed away although they had been inducted and legacy individual that’s peaceable alive did plenty adequate legacy of us in the last cherish three years that I’m sure they’ve carried out that a minimal of as soon as the set any individual used to be upright alive no but cherish but I don’t know who did I have to claim all people has passed away so I have faith it’s something the set maybe they’re gonna wait don’t misfortune upright for the sake of cherish because you understand in the event that they create it now they’re gonna be cherish successfully why don’t they upright have faith him give him a speech successfully if he’s plenty cherish if he’s with us we must absolutely we’re attempting ahead to him to teach but when he doesn’t teach that’s the conundrum that we’re in I entirely think he’s price especially if there are completely different network executives I have to claim the NBC bother is it Dick Ebersol about that or tune the the NBC executive that Bronx at its beget dance most major tournament I both he used to be floated a pair of years to be in the Hall of Standing the set he is in the Hall of Standing so it’s now not cherish TV executives don’t belong or aren’t already in the WB Hall of Standing so by that stretch Ted Turner absolutely I ponder what that would point out to Ted clearly he used to be a apt proponent of knowledgeable wrestling because he made WCW happen on his network but would that what a WWE Hall of Standing induction now be meaningful to him would it now not be a reminder that he didn’t manufacture WCW work I point out he’s had so many accomplishments and he potentially has so dang grand money and is he essentially iron I disagree with the small bit at what you said I have faith he didn’t manufacture WCW work if the rest Dobby said to be stopped working when he lost adjust of it cuz that used to be something you understand went to eyes on Time Warner Standing came out we heard Eric allege a bunch of instances you understand when Ted Turner lost adjust he used to be he wasn’t didn’t essentially have faith a allege that’s moral you understand because he used to be a solid proponent since advantage in the early eighties of getting resting on his networks and to the level the set I maybe you can know cherish I don’t know how appealing he is at present time with any of his networks but now we have faith rustling on TNT as soon as extra and all of it extra or less disturbed with having that history that Ted Turner brought into the Turner networks yeah he’s now not wildly all for any of the networks that shockingly adequate there his name but I if I had been writing his Hall of Standing speech which if that one and all this goes down I’m readily obtainable he’s upright announcing I have faith I’d I’d have faith him point out that here’s finest and an finest honor on the other hand very bittersweet upright that I used to be making an are trying to function up a wrestling replace the Ted Turner used to be making an are trying to function up a wrestling replace a wholesome wrestling replace and Right here I’m with the finest honor you can salvage in the wrestling replace which is the Hall of Standing from one company upright the corporate I tried to movement head-to-head with Lee needs a Polish weren’t distracted in the chat said I ponder if Ted will gain aew that’s one manner to present himself one other shot at it I explain although I don’t think the Khan family is attracted to laying aside it any time quickly it seems cherish a priceless commodity and whereas we’re speaking whereas the chat rule is speaking about it anyway they’re potentially out dwelling staring at it upright now let’s snarl referring to the indisputable reality that Eric Bischoff himself the individual who used to be to blame for getting Smackdown on too a long way now from making it happen must now not for manufacture it out in the most major residing but he is sitting at dwelling on his potentially very priceless little bit of free time staring at last week’s a he W premiere now not as soon as but twice twice what invent you guys manufacture of that that’s apt I point out he said twice sure oh he said it twice here no if I had been if I Rarick I’d manufacture it an inner directive for any creative individual any production individual any individual integral to my operation mm-hmm have faith a stare at what any W is doing quite so a lot of the of us that work there aren’t even staring at on Smackdown correct you’re now not but a minimal of I’d allege that as the premise and never glimpse them repeat the world that you simply potentially did that and you wish the remainder of your workers to invent it I point out yeah I don’t think and I don’t think he’s announcing he’s gonna glimpse a week I point out he’s announcing he watched the one premiere to extra or less behold what they’re about what they’re presenting how they’re presenting it that I don’t I don’t think that’s irregular that he said he watched it he watched it twice he’s having a stare cherish maybe there’s productions cherish there’s constantly and cherish if he’s as the producer of SmackDown there’s finest one completely different point out cherish Smackdown and that’s bra until aw came alongside and that’s the valid point out now not produced by the WEC he’d be it he’d be a fool to now not a minimal of a minimal of cherish test it out production swiftly-witted one of the vital graphics behold cherish successfully yeah useless to speak are they doing the same cameras Bischoff all people is conscious of that’s what he does he does his be taught but to repeat all people that but he watched it twice I have faith that’s orderly successfully at the same time although at the same time he didn’t essentially allege cherish oh my god I enjoyed this – cody versus this used to be my favourite man yeah you understand he used to be cherish I’m now not gonna allege if I beloved or disliked that but I have faith cherish heaps of us we had been upright all uncommon and corresponding to you understand it’s upright recent promotion that’s has a billion bucks gradual it it’s on a vital network let me behold what it’s cherish but he did extra or less put cessation the easiest safest manner out of it after that by putting the crowd over over the rest else that had the rest to invent with the point out or the production price or the rest cherish that if truth be told there it is a long way there might be I have faith I don’t think he’s staring at aw to speak cherish oh my god what must I invent now what no dude you’re on Fox on Smackdown you don’t have to invent the rest corresponding to you should focal level on your beget stuff which he did because that Smackdown topic used to be freaking heavenly and you can repeat there used to be nothing ATW about that Smackdown topic but what I’m announcing upright from a pure production standpoint let’s allege aw had a shot that used to be made because they put a drone on one turnbuckle after which it panned the total manner out so freaking wintry I’d have to if I had been producing a wrestling point out in The United States and I’d have to behold an organization invent that upright how did they create that what did it behold cherish invent you think that it used to be cheaper and extra costly than what I’m doing cherish I have faith I have faith quite so a lot of the things he used to be taking a stare for on that time out had been very innocuous yeah we’re very grand upright a correct two cranes they had been things that the fans essentially care about now not about cherish and put the warmth clearly he’s a wrestling fan he would be staring at the wrestling – mm-hmm but I have faith there’s plenty to behold and I have faith maybe that’s why he watched it twice I have faith as soon as used to be upright a topic of cherish successfully what are what are the coloration scales who had been the characters behold cherish the set’s the set invent they put commentary how does that how did that feel cherish after which the following time it’s cherish successfully what’s the final product mm-hmm successfully I upright came at some level of that very very attention-grabbing and I’m wondering must you guys have faith watched the WWE Ladies Gone Wild DVD by no methodology what is that III that used to be a shock to me didn’t know that used to be a thing and cyclopædia knowledgeable wrestling I one way or the other perchance well feel that it is seemingly you’ll perchance well well maybe also honest have faith some vital aspects on this might perchance well you please repeat the of us referring to the WWE whereas it wasn’t produced by the WWE it used to be upright produced by a man that used to be a typical supervisor that W because Eric Bischoff so had a thing going on advantage in 2003 the set he can peaceable produce some stuff but it indubitably used to be heavily promoted by the dhobi w/e it used to be mentioned by a pair of superstars in the wabe they constantly sent cherish OGG w-whats ggw but it indubitably used to be upright is peaceable concept a pair of non WB project which used to be influenced by the level to be tremendous irregular manner to web out of something what you’re in 2003 I’m finding out up what announced 2003 you understand an finest lot about this or any individual who supposedly has by no methodology considered I didn’t behold because he used to be on pay-per-look I’m now not gonna take a seat there and glimpse okay that does manufacture sense now that he sold a pay-per-look appears to be like cherish Shatter of day Marie Shatter of day Marie flashed a crowd of SmackDown to advertise this so exhibitor look is extremely heavily all for the frightful promotion upright but it indubitably used to be very grand an Eric Bischoff joint which Pia’s as soon as extra if it had been a apt success because who is conscious of what is and isn’t mainstream success in the time of pushing an envelope in 2003 cherish I don’t know maybe of us will upright web over boobs maybe that’s cherish successfully you can factor in that these boobs now are potentially cherish in their 40s mmm and they are going to be brooding about it successfully they are now they are now maybe you understand I upright obtained into your head a little bit bit there maybe someones been web in your ear cherish how the total guys had been going in Goldberg’s ear in accordance to Eric this used to be essentially attention-grabbing a extremely correct demand from one of the vital fans and Eric extra or less said you understand I have faith one of the vital individual’s motives used to be essentially to upright mess with Goldberg to entertain themselves guys cherish Scott Hall and I have faith there used to be some that had been essentially making an are trying to advantage him you disagree no I upright because he used to be so recent of us are infrequently that are recent in the replace and you additional or less and especially what they’re aw said we’re and it’s cherish it’s very simply to persuade any individual the set cherish even you understand even I met this man that used to be started what used to be about to practice with or two guys or they had been about to practice and knowledgeable wrestling and cherish they’re asking me a man that peaceable thinks I’m very inexperienced but they behold at me as if cherish oh my god for me and I’m cherish yeah I upright beep it you understand I repeat him I upright be patient you’ll web it you understand but it indubitably’s cherish I’ll well have faith told them the rest I wished so upright come I point out you’ve had cherish three reveals yeah George is inconceivable he has grown very grand we’d cherish to movement what gleaming gleaming that they’ve the energy to speak regardless of it is a long way that they wish some expend it for correct some expend it for inferior I have faith with the manner you understand things had been ran and WW there had been so many agendas that you simply understand some of them upright extra or less old it to profit themselves how can I web myself over by giving this man some recommendation I cherish the analogy that Goldberg used to be put in a pilot seat and has by no methodology been educated as a pilot after which the copilot is giving him a bunch of random stuff that he doesn’t know but the recommendation the recommendation of the copilot is I don’t cherish I don’t know man maybe it is advisable to build that yeah then I have faith that’s what we’re as a lot as that’s what we’re as a lot as with the Goldberg stuff also I have faith there’s a definite resentment to Goldberg for coming in the manner he did and for getting over and transferring previous the thru the roster as quickly as he did if I had been him I wouldn’t have faith trusted any individual upright but cherish he also Goldberg admittedly didn’t develop up staring at wrestling cherish I a minimal of a minimal of if I had been Goldberg I’d have faith had the flexibility to have faith considered wrestling my complete lifestyles to know what I have faith it is a long way and isn’t and what my personality must had been but he didn’t have faith that so he upright had to hear all people else until they steered him infamous after which he didn’t know who to hear to and it’s potentially a inferior manner to be I essentially have faith some empathy for Goldberg here yeah we’re chuffed that one and all you diehard eighty three weeks fans accessible are listening to us because here’s the point out that’s upright for you and we cherish that you simply all have faith come together to teach about it we need your opinions that’s what here’s for thus maybe that in desire to you understand callin of us’s names upright announcing haha and whereas we’re you understand calling of us names Eric used to be in some diagram style of taken to project about Terry Taylor on this episode I’ve been ready for this upright because he has continued to characterize Terry in a now not precisely flattering manner I’d allege over the last various weeks as he’s working at the same residing as Terry and I kept pondering cherish aren’t these guys gonna wobble into every completely different cherish it’s Eric gonna have faith to and to Terry for what he’s been announcing cherish dis Terry care does he know successfully we might well also honest by no methodology know because in accordance to Eric you barely knew that Terry even peaceable worked there and Eric surprisingly has now not even been to the PC but which for any individual who does heaps of be taught I do know clearly NXT isn’t any section of what he has to invent it but I’m upright bowled over I’m sure he’s planning on making it there at some point soon quickly I’ll point out you you can know better than I but it indubitably used to be in an announcement when they built the PC that every part that occurs in every ring will get broadcast to Stanford sure so he’s considered the devices cherish correct level has considered the PC maybe that’s why he doesn’t feel or the of us that manufacture his schedule don’t feel he’s had to movement but and I have faith the Fox the Fox debut has potentially been precedence amount 1 since he obtained there upright cherish come correct down to the PC and behold it’s behold at behold at who’s on the up might well well maybe be now not a precedence for him nor can all people is conscious of the vital aspects precisely of his job to know that if he would ever come correct down to the PC and Scout skills must it is seemingly you’ll perchance well but I successfully if he runs into Terry Taylor down there he’ll be a little bit at an advantage now than he would had been before because he did have faith some effective things to speak said Terry had one of the vital valid solutions I’ve ever heard on the topic of cherish psychology and things cherish that but also infrequently acted now not as a lot as professionally and had a huge mouth Terry Taylor is the most major man to repeat you that cherish he’s reformed and he wasn’t cherish an A+ effective individual advantage in the day I don’t think he would explain that by any methodology but sure as a long way as psychology and stuff goes as any individual who sat at NXT point out for NXT point out after NXT point out with the coaches in her ear with the behold of previous I don’t know that any individual is as correct at making the crowd invent what they must invent from gradual the scenes I point out it upright essentially is inconceivable so it used to be apt to hear Eric extra or less put in Terry over I’ve heard some things about Terry Taylor as successfully or it’s upright cherish that’s you understand you you allege something oh is that this moral about allege the usual-or-backyard Terry yeah that’s upright Terry Taylor cherish I point out he’s apt but you understand oh he’s obtained these things but corresponding to you understand upright Terry nothing cherish malicious or nothing corresponding to you understand too inferior and corresponding to you understand we’ve heard experiences about of us completely different trainers in NXT nothing cherish that but you oh that’s Terry oh upright Terry being Terry corresponding to you understand successfully one thing that will get heaps of of us all hurt up every single time is glacier okay we will’t web thru and demand Eric the rest episode without of us desperate to know what the hell used to be up with glacier and he said it a million instances they had been making an are trying to push video games why is all people that’s peaceable so furious about glacier cuz there the amount of promotion that they put into that personality yeah it used to be cherish months cherish months of video vignettes months of introduction segments the set it’s cherish wow this man’s gonna be cherish a apt chick who’s this glacier oh my god what is it blood runs cool and he comes on it appears to be like cherish precisely cherish sub-zero from Mortal Kombat I beloved it I’m now not announcing I disliked it but that’s essentially what it used to be the total hype the total function-up for a sub-zero wannabe I assumed you had been gonna allege short snigger from the Batman movies no no no no day police officers glacier okay but the demand used to be did did he ever behold glacier as a world champion and I have faith he answered it relatively if truth be told of lat I used to be making an are trying to promote toys man yeah I used to be making an are trying to manufacture a little cherish I used to be making an are trying to manufacture a video recreation personality maybe capcom would pay me to put him in Wonder vs. Capcom League I didn’t I didn’t have faith long sights on the glacier personality I used to be very grand cherish I’ll well well promote some toys with this man I’m jubilant said that cuz cherish that upright that’s a huge section of Pro Wrestling that I have faith upright doesn’t trip understand we’re now not all people’s gonna be a world champion we’ve had 51 world champion there had been 50 51 world champions in dota be what number of wrestlers have faith passed by thru that company the last 50 years cherish hundreds cherish now not all people’s gonna be working infrequently you upright expend a man upright because you take into accout that they’re gonna be a correct merch vendor it’s that easy but I also think must you function an concept it is advisable to you’re building a stamp recent personality whether it’s glacier or hulk hogan it is advisable to in your mind behold them being world champion at some point soon I have faith it’s what the questioner used to be asking it is a long way agree you disagree so that you simply think that Kofi Kingston by no methodology in a million years don’t even bother here’s who Kofi Kingston is he’ll by no methodology be world champ you understand but I will repeat about Xavier woods essentially yeah I behold Xavier successfully I’ll well well essentially here’s time-stamped now I have faith Xavier is young adequate and speaks to his target market straight adequate that he might well also honest be a world champion in the following 15 years all people might well also honest be that’s what I’m cherish infrequently you upright gotta have faith these sorts of guys that upright extra or less beget out the roster for merge functions for video recreation rivers for toys cherish now not finest you upright can’t cherish it’s very unlikely no but you’re announcing you’re announcing the roles that they slot I’m announcing must you’re creating the personality that’s completely different must you’re creating the personality from internet page 1 must you can’t behold them as successfully champion you in the event it is advisable to trip up that internet page and starting up over no because I point out we noticed Eric precisely invent that with glacier so what he used to be infamous cherish no Henri’s precisely what he did you later I cherish them but what I’m announcing is let’s allege that personality in spite of every part the promotion essentially obtained over after which he hurt up in a video recreation then he needs to turn into world champion so he might well also honest be a beginner cherish he’d have the opportunity to be on internet page 1 that wasn’t so on internet page 1 if your ruling you’re taking a stare at him you’re taking a stare at the personality you’re taking a stare at okay it’s glacier he’s blue he’s extra or less cherish sub-zero yeah we obtained this now we have faith this gigantic inferior dude who is conscious of easy ideas to work to play him here’s the personality that we’re building I behold him as world champion in 5 1 3 years my level is although Eric didn’t think that that doesn’t point out he used to be infamous if he used to be on internet page 1 of glacier and didn’t behold the loopy fever dream cuz that’s what all of it appears to be like cherish later down the line must it is seemingly you’ll perchance well well maybe also honest have faith your motor must you’re a promoter you starting up your beget rustic company you hire 40 guys you’re gonna allege at some level you wish every man to be a world champion no I’m announcing I must have the opportunity to be considered as one possibility yeah Marko stunt is infrequently a world champion oh god I hope now not I don’t I don’t both but I invent I have faith must you had been if I had been writing the personality of Marko stunts your gonna e book him cherish as if he had an opportunity to be a mill job we’re now not but you’re speaking reserving that’s the role I’m speaking to personality on internet page 1 the personality needs to be plausible as a world champion yeah that’s all I point out you match them in regardless of role you wish cherish Xavier woods is now not in a world champion future world champion role Xavier woods from internet page one as a wrestler as a performer as an athlete it might maybe most likely perchance well well manufacture sense to me if given the apt storytelling Xavier woods turns into world champion oh it is seemingly you’ll perchance well well maybe also honest have faith the apt probability to put or to demand him in my notion is it Xavier Xavier you guys read the same point out I do know heaps of of us it reveals all upright speaking of completely different reveals let’s snarl about what completely different wrestling podcasts repeat untrue experiences because they are ever made this extra or less cherish beautiful little off it and comment about successfully you’re gonna hear have faith an impression on experiences on one of completely different reveals you guys I do know consumed a ton of wrestling podcasts Steve you’re all for most of them which ones repeat untrue experiences Bruce oh useless to speak and by untrue I point out Russo is by some accounts is misremembering actually from the manner he retold it from his e book so how he told you the tale the day before at present cherish the tale cherish the tale changes and he’s cherish bro don’t here’s what the diagram in which it took residing bro so cherish I have faith I have faith I’m tremendous and announcing Rousseau tells fraudulent experiences that it is seemingly you’ll perchance well well maybe claim are untrue he thinks he remembers them that manner fraudulent memories are a thing um who invent you understand I used to be gonna allege upright going off cherish the Meltzer podcast cuz I do know he’s obtained a podcast each day or every completely different day yeah cherish the Wrestling Observer alive yeah oh yeah that needs to be about 96 percent garbage ah successfully infrequently infrequently he says something about Payton roars and all of us web to hear it because that’s what that used to be from that’s I have faith tale that used to be upright a criticism I don’t know cherish Dave Meltzer is a little extra I used to be about to speak strategy it’s now not it but cherish the manner the manner Dave Meltzer experiences you can’t upright name him out at all that’s entirely untrue so grand it’s corresponding to you’re now not naming your supply what’s now not that it’s upright cherish shall we embrace you behold at Cedric Alexander liking hey there’s the audio of it he’s cherish Oh Cedric of its have to hate if it’s hates them cherish it turns into cherish my opinion is Vince doesn’t cherish Cedric Alexander that’s why he will get every the manner he does it’s because I have faith I do know a man I do know that’s what you think that out comes all Vince is clearly baring Cedric Alexander cherish that’s what essentially comes out of his mouth versus what he essentially thinks I don’t know here’s too grand of a left turn but George you and I had been upright praising Sean Ross topic at present time for we’re now not doing that Shawn used to be a journalist sure thanks Shawn Ross F will constantly file it as the provision told me I’m inferring warmth you’re allowed to editorialize you upright have faith to manufacture your editorialize ations sure yeah it’s now not onerous put cessation a journalism class if me and the total of us I went to faculty we will invent it have faith me you can’t invent mmm apt long previous yeah here’s a man who I knew George that it is seemingly you’ll perchance well well maybe shed a little bit extra gentle on it sounds as if he likes to wobble his mouth a little bit bit has some solutions about what took residing in the previous I scent Gregor Anya cherish three days previously four days previously we’re at the upright handle The United States after Smackdown so we behold there he used to be I didn’t behold him at SmackDown invent you understand me what invent you understand who he used to be must you noticed him now not my face okay sucker he used to be upright gradual he used to be largely speaking to Ric Flair okay but it indubitably used to be silly I used to be cherish oh my god Bischoff’s upright over there cherish are they gonna work together are they gonna you understand so I upright concept it used to be silly cherish cuz I used to be a loopy wife Greg Gagne here if truth be told cherish that’s what went on thru my mind cherish he doesn’t work for the corporate he said I don’t think he does why is he here in Los Angeles but I explain he upright wished to be a section of the point out or regardless of but I’ve heard things about cherish him desperate to be inclusive of every part and he had a job with me to be now not too manner advantage but they extra or less I heard they essentially infrequently he used to be upright to cherish now not with the most up-to-date stuff cherish Judith to the to the time I have faith 2007 are you going to repeat us if he and Eric interacted or now not they didn’t bit him I used to be also at that bar there used to be a blow-up I’d’ve remembered successfully Eric didn’t essentially manufacture it sound cherish it might maybe most likely perchance well be blow-up residing but upright extra so as that it doesn’t topic what this man says cuz all people is conscious of that what he’s announcing is beneath the influence of alcohol a little bit bit is that Cummings popularity it’s such a things that must it is advisable to you allege as grand I don’t allege infamous but cherish must you claim so grand of us obtained’t mediate you even must you’re telling the fact upright cherish such a things might well also had been upright but to speak man it used to be my concept to lift in Hulk Hogan it’s my concept to invent the NWO it used to be my concept for the Nitro ladies it used to be my concept to wobble on Monday night two of these are fraudulent I have faith but cherish must you put announcing that in desire to I also had that concept of us obtained’t put cessation you significantly yeah even even though it used to be moral because I you can factor in a single of these things he used to be heavily all for and it used to be his concept also in make and creative we hear from The United States plenty it’s now not about no one stole your concept all of us worked on an concept collaborative efforts and since you guys brought up Smackdown let’s lift this paunchy circle and web advantage to Eric’s relationship with Vince and most likely how I old to name and trip away him Bragi voicemails which I came at some level of upright to be hilarious I’m so upset in Conrad Thompson for what how is now not the apply-up demand how did you web Vince’s phone amount that’s what I wished to know I didn’t factor in that but I point out clearly that can perchance well well be a easy gift for him free maybe but I upright have to know who easy ideas to web it cherish now not cherish they work together in the previous cherish how did you web it invent you think that invent you think that the chief producer of the masked singer on Fox wouldn’t have the opportunity to web Marc Burnett’s phone amount the chief producer survived repeat me how but it indubitably’s my bet is upright advantage in the day which used to be what 96% company gave it to upright maybe upright calling the headquarters successfully I wished something extra cherish extra define than upright cherish oh yeah it’s the caller’s issue extra vital aspects cherish did you name did you name the residing of job and you upright you understand cherish oh can by no methodology web buzzed into Vince oh my god divorced Bell you understand you’ve spoken before you’re upright there might be a little I don’t know if it’s slightly a apply up but cherish upright it’s I’ve known as I’ve known as that ahead Bob I’ve known as that headquarters before you can potentially manufacture your manner thru manner additional in that phone tree than anyway my god it’d be so stress-free to set up out especially advantage then I will’t repeat you the diagram in which grand pranking WWE would upright entertain the living daylights out of me we must invent that at some point soon successfully you you yourself mentioned at the efficiency center that used to be it as soon as a week or as soon as a day of us would upright turn oh oh yeah yeah as a lot as the door pondering cherish can I will I come in yeah successfully it’s extra or less a broadly accredited I have faith of us think that it is seemingly you’ll upright trip that it is seemingly you’ll perchance well pay to movement there that you simply would upright stroll in or that cherish must you’ll commit yourself they’ll upright put cessation you cherish that’s now not an uncommon misconception but yeah that’s moral all upright he’s advantage then in 96 misson I’m sure because the latter used to be as high as it used to be yeah cherish maybe it used to be easy more uncomplicated to web to Vince’s residing of job the set corresponding to you name now it’s cherish they upright movement into a recent building because they desire a better dwelling cherish they obtained to battle thru a bunch of cherish steps to web to it upright successfully we invent know that when Vince brought Eric advantage advantage in the day that used to be what 2015 2002 yeah so let’s snarl about this a little bit bit completely different phone name then Eric’s braggy voicemails when Vince calls him and asked him to be skills be the GM for Ross so here’s a actually very long time previously useless to speak but I have faith says plenty about their evolving relationship Vince known as him and said hey dude I potentially didn’t allege hey if I’d had been the one to lose I’d hope that you simply would have faith have faith given me an opportunity to web advantage into replace and that’s what I’m gonna invent for it is seemingly you’ll perchance well well maybe maybe be we bowled over that Eric didn’t procure that smug that he came at some level of that kind I have faith that used to be sort although behold I have faith that used to be a pure adequate gesture that it used to be upright mm-hmm and cherish for all that can even be said about Vince and for all that has been said about Vince listening to that on the phone from him and most likely maybe in his because maybe in his mind he absolutely is conscious of he needs our fish off on Raw in 2002 but Eric doesn’t know that Eric is listening to something very profitable that it’s now not a shock to me at all that he used to be upright cherish oh that’s very sort and Eric conveniently doesn’t dwell in the previous with a purpose to repeat us whether or now not he would had been capable of lengthen the same courtesy to Vince oh yeah it is seemingly you’ll perchance well well maybe even put cessation himself to that residing it’s essentially complex to web to that foot successfully cos Vince has been on top having beaten WCW for longer than WCW used to be in replace at this level now yeah that it’s very unlikely to essentially conceptualize what WPF shedding would have faith even seemed cherish mm-hmm successfully all people is conscious of that Eric beloved the total embarrassing crap that Vince made him invent advantage in the day one thing I have faith that folks allege about Vince extra than the rest is that he obtained’t demand any individual to invent something that he wouldn’t invent himself cherish Eric even said behold what this man has put his family thru on tv you understand and they’re all recreation for it cherish the diagram in which it essentially works useless to speak but that’s what all people constantly says about him and it is seemingly you’ll perchance well also honest have faith to respect that yeah I assumed referring to the embarrassing stuff and all people used to be constantly announcing cherish oh I don’t wanna be booked that manner I don’t have to you understand but if truth be told cherish that appears to be like cherish stress-free cherish because you understand you’re gonna web a reaction from that cherish infrequently you understand we all of us considered cherish maybe sure suits trip accessible and of us starting up tuning boring our of us upright aren’t paying attention cherish that I’m sure it’s gonna abolish any individual self-love or any individual the ego but to movement accessible invent one of the vital embarrassing stuff and listen to them react to that it’s cherish I’m sure that’s a blast I’m sure Eric beloved it and let me repeat it is advisable to you’re now not a wrestler but it is seemingly you’ll perchance well well maybe maybe be accessible with the dwell crowd and you behold what that feels corresponding to you should be a section of it so inferior cherish I will’t repeat you the diagram in which grand I upright constantly constantly wished any individual to cherish are trying and hit me with a chair which did in some diagram happen one time on the Indies now not in WWE but cherish to be section of the action cherish that archaic-faculty manner that cherish Lilian obtained appealing advantage in the day or any individual cherish that cherish Michael Cole turned into a wrestler for a whereas that appears to be like cherish freaking stress-free to of us that can’t web in the ring and invent the wrestling misfortune or even the 2d when because there’s that there’s the 2d in every referees profession when a wrestler cherish a huge inferior wrestler will get in their face yeah and they push advantage yeah it’s took residing extra or less recent there used to be too grand wrestling last week for me to dissect it but that had took residing last week the set any individual obtained a referees face and the referee cherish actually pushed them advantage cherish I’m the referee you’re gonna adhere to what I allege em invent ya cherish equal stuff he’s accessible in the ring with the wrestlers night after night and doesn’t web to web all for the action it’s now not about getting the accolades both it’s upright cherish a little bit bit of froth I have faith must you actually have faith to take a seat in a chair at ringside and lift the Bell successfully all people else is in there having the total stress-free cherish Christie can we put reducing that promo Christie can we’re we gonna web advantage in the ring must all of us web advantage in the ring heaps of us is if truth be told doing it potentially you understand potentially no but this has been stress-free as constantly guys is there the rest you should add about this episode of 83 weeks I point out I used to be attempting ahead to maybe a little bit bit juicier so if I do know one of the vital stuff cherish shall we embrace they asked cherish oh what did you factor in that one individual and WCW and I trip that’s extra of a Shivani thing cherish but Bill Klondike invoice or some completely different girl I’m cherish I don’t enhance on one of the vital questions at the fans demand this week so maybe with a little of luck for the following demand the rest maybe it’s plenty extra juicier stuff cuz there used to be some correct boom here but I have faith cherish what the outdated ones there used to be grand extra boom successfully for the functions of now not insulting the of us that potentially glimpse this point out as in the fans of 83 weeks I’d cherish to point out that you simply understand used to be at Conrad’s disposal extra or less which ones he wished to do away with it essentially wished to make expend of Jana Finn in the chat I wished to know the valid figure Eric would pay for the ninja the toy ninja stars as he’s calling them Jada Finn you should enable us to know in the chat upright now now we have faith about two minutes invent it is seemingly you’ll perchance well well maybe also honest have faith web admission to to an wobble of Superstar Wars figures that you simply should know how grand he’d demand did you allege you had you understand the total wrestling memorabilia and stuff that you simply guys have faith potentially bought over the years and neither one of you has that in the advantage your closet no I essentially have faith silverhawks of action figures on the other hand Hawkes Recount Hawks potentially Recount Hawks Thundercat there used to be snort cats and Silverhawks these are the conocida action figures that I had I’m wrestling useless to speak alright successfully subsequent lifetime you understand what to gain on the total destroyers are since the channel is getting sassy upright now whereas we’re about to roll out repeat all people the set to put up with us uh you guys can procure me on Twitter almost exclusively I’m at Steve Kaufman that’s ka u f MA NN I’m all for heaps of things if I tweet the hyperlink chances are I’m appealing alongside with match Monday every Monday 10: 00 a.m. Pacific me and a customer staring at knowledgeable wrestling and you’ll web to glimpse with us Kaitlyn Nikki bond for my subsequent etc I’ll be correct apply me at G her mother ghar mo CA I’m here a pair instances a week on Monday nights covering the raw and espanol for the total Latin target market accessible even feel free to glimpse I’m here a week so thanks so grand for staring at wrestling knowledgeable wrestling you understand when the following point out is August understand October 26 in Burbank California and subsequent week upright here on this point out we will be speaking Halloween Havoc 1996 that’s gonna be correct all people getting their costumes together maybe we must decorate up but both manner you guys must tune in we’re dwell every Wednesday night at 5 p.m. Pacific time upright here on the eighty three weeks Channel you can constantly hit me up at Kristi experiences I hope you invent and I’ll behold you subsequent week thanks for staring at our founder Keven Undergaro and me Maria Menounos would cherish to thanks for tuning in to afterbuzz TV take into accout we’re now not upright the most major had been the finest on this planet and had been the valid destination for all of your favourite TV reveals regardless of you crave we’ve obtained it so trip to afterbuzz TV comm and test out our lineup buzz you later the views expressed herein are these of the host finest you invent now not essentially replicate the views of afterbuzz TV or its owners or major
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